4 Simple Tips to Prepare for MICROSOFT AZ-104: MICROSOFT 365 Security Administration Exam (Practice Tests Are Here!)

The security administrators looking for the possibility to check their competence can do it using the MICROSOFT AZ-104 test. This qualification exam assesses the skills of these professionals in implementing, monitoring and working with compliance and security solutions for the MICROSOFT 365 & hybrid environments. Furthermore, it validates the applicants’ knowledge of threat, information, and identity protection. Those individuals who nail this test will get the related certificate. It is important to note that this prerequisite exam can be a challenge. Let’s take a glance at some tips to prepare for it.

  • Get Conversant with the Exam Content

First of all, you should check the exam blueprint (you can download it from the certification webpage). This resource comes with the highlights of the topics that are covered in the qualifying test. You can utilize it to identify your knowledge and skill gaps. It will help you choose the areas you have to focus on. To sum it up, the blueprint is a good point of departure for the preparation process.

  • Create a Study Plan with a Schedule

Planning is a key point of any preparation process. You may design a study plan with a schedule beforehand. It can help you create a balance between your daily activities (study, leisure time, work, and so on). So make sure that you consider the features of your daily schedule. It is recommended that you allocate little time every day for training.

  • Choose the Valid Preparation Materials

At the start of the preparation process, you should identify your knowledge and skills gaps. To fill them, you can explore the study resources that are available on the official webpage. You may consider utilizing free learning modules or a paid instructor-led course to prepare for MICROSOFT AZ-104 more comprehensively. On the other hand, you can rely on the tools proposed by the third-party training platforms.

  • Make Use of Practice Tests

Practice tests are the final point of successful exam preparation. This tool is created to get conversant with the question patterns and other features of the certification test. Besides that, you may use them to polish the skillset that is important to the challenge. In addition, this is a great way to check the level of your preparedness.

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If you want to ace the AZ-104: MICROSOFT 365 Security Administration exam, then it’s time to study dynamically and thoroughly. First of all, be sure to get conversant with its details. These include the requirements, target audience, and covered subject areas (you may find this information on the certification webpage). After that, think about selecting a good preparation tool. You may find various materials on the official or other platforms. Just feel free to utilize the option that faces your needs. In addition, create a study plan with a schedule to optimize your time spending. Study hard every day and be diligent to pass MICROSOFT AZ-104 and obtain the MICROSOFT 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate certificate.

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