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Razones por las que tus AirPods mueren tan rápido + soluciones

You are working and you are listening to good music which has brought you into good mood. However, after 10 songs, your AirPods suddenly stops working and you realized its battery has died on you. We understand how frustrating this could be especially when you have just charged them. Do not worry as through this article, we shall learn why this is happening, what are the reasons and how to solve this issue.

Why Are My AirPods Dying Do Fast?

AirPods’ battery could die fast due to several reasons but the most common and usual reason is due to it not being put back into its case after use. Another reason could be is that the volume could be turned on too high. Also, there could be features that are turned on which are not being used. These reasons could lead to the batteries of your AirPods to deplete fast.

Reasons Why Your AirPods Are Dying So Fast

AirPods Are Not Placed In Their Case

One of the reasons as to why your AirPods could be dying fast is due to it not being returned to its case after using it. Keep in mind, like us, they also need to relax and recharge and for them to be able to work smoothly. Hence, you will need to put them back to their case for them to recharge.

Take note that if you leave your AirPods out of its case, their batteries will continue to die and drain. It could then go into low power state which means their sensors will be left active even when they are not in use.

The Volume Is Too High

Take note that the higher the volume the more power your AirPods consume. The reason behind this is because for its transistor to work it would need to draw energy which it gets from its batteries. Hence, the higher the volume is, the more the transistor works and then the more it would require more power from its battery.

Noise Cancellation and Other Smart Features Are Enabled

AirPods come with sensors which make it more comfortable, convenient and efficient. It is important as it needs these sensors for Automatic Ear Detection and Double Tap commands features to work.

Automatic Ear Detection feature works by switching your music to your device’s speakers when you take off your AirPods. Double tap commands work by tapping on both of your AirPods twice to play or pause songs.

Another feature is the Noise Cancellation feature where you will not be able to hear any external sounds while you are listening to your favorite music. Though all of these feature are very handy, if they are kept active even when you do not need them, it could lead to your AirPods losing power.

AirPods’ Case Is Not Charged

AirPods usually gets charged when they are placed in their case. However, if the case itself is not charged then they AirPods will not be charged as well. This means your AirPods battery will be drained. Keep in mind that there are three different AirPods cases and they are:

  • Regular Charging Case
  • Wireless Charging Case
  • MagSafe Charging Case

These three types of charging case work and function the same and they would notify you if it needs to be charged through its light status.

Your AirPods Batteries Are Getting Old

AirPods’ batteries are lithium-ion which means they are compact and rechargeable however, over time they degrade and wear and tear. Hence, if this happens, you will be notified on your iPhone or iPad that your battery level is low. Keep in mind that your AirPods could degrade due to high temperatures.

Ways to Prevent Your AirPods from Dying So Fast

Put your AirPods back in its case after using

As mentioned earlier, it is important for your AirPods to relax and rest and they could only do that by putting them back inside their case to recharge. We suggest that you charge your AirPods at least 15 to 20 minutes to fully charge.

There are two ways to check you AirPods battery level and this is through your iPhone or iPad and through a sound notification.

Reduce Your Listening Volume

Lower your listening volume as mentioned earlier the higher the volume the more energy and power it requires.

To See Listening Volume Using Health App:
  • Launch health app on your iPhone
  • Select Browse
  • Select hearing
  • Tap Headphone Audio Levels
Turn Off Noise Cancellation and Other Features
  • Go to your Device’s control center
  • Wear your AirPods Max or AirPods Pro
  • Press and hold the volume slider on your device
  • Tap Noise cancellation icon found at the bottom left
  • Select off
To Switch Off Noise Cancellation with Apple Watch
  • Press AirPlay icon
  • Select off
To Disable Automatic Ear Detection
  • Go to Settings on your Apple Device
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Select AirPods
  • Switch Automatic Ear Detection slider off
To Disable Double Tap Command
  • Launch Settings on your Apple device
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Select your AirPods in the list and tap on the info button
  • Double tap and select left
  • Select off
  • Tap the back arrow
  • Select Right
  • Tap off

Turning off the Bluetooth of your device will also help.

Charge your AirPods Case

As mentioned earlier, AirPods would need to be charged which means its charger has to be charged as well.

To see AirPods case battery level
  • Open the lid of your AirPods case
  • Put it close to your Apple Device
  • Wait for a few seconds until the battery level appears
Ways to charge
  • Through a lightning cable
  • Through Qi-certified charging mat

Lastly, avoid draining your AirPods before charging it.

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