Revo Uninstaller Review

While the Windows operating system has evolved to provide the user with a more refined pre-installed uninstalling program, the fact of the matter is that pre-installed programs just do part of the job for you. Using Windows’ pre-installed uninstaller program is just like taking out the things that you do not normally use; similar to taking out the trash. The only problem is that while we think we have solved the problem accumulating the trash and dumping it in to the trash bin, we have not actually gotten rid of the trash. Someone or something is going to have to collect the trash and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. So in terms of getting rid of things, Windows’ pre-installed uninstaller program does only part of the job. While there are several 3rd party programs out there that will do your bidding for you, none of them will ever come close to getting rid of programs and their fragments like Revo Uninstaller.

What does it do?

Similar to the Windows uninstaller program, Revo Uninstaller gets rid of or uninstalls your unwanted programs. For one thing, the program displays all of your programs that have been installed, something that is not done by the Windows uninstaller program. In addition to uninstalling the programs, the user can also choose to install the programs (much like the pre-installed program). Then how exactly is the program different from the remaining ones?

What other features are present that are not present in the regular programs?

Like several uninstaller programs out there, the Windows uninstaller program only removes the files of the application that were installed earlier. It does not get rid of other elements such as leftover items that were part of the application but present in a different directory of the hard drive. Furthermore, and this happens to be a very critical element of the uninstalling program; removing the registry keys that the applications makes when it gets completely installed. Since regular uninstaller programs do not have the option of getting rid of leftover items and registry keys, you will be left with lesser amount of space and a bunch of useless registry keys that will end up slowing down your hard drive and as a result, your whole system. Sometimes, having leftover items and a phalanx of registry keys can also end up making your system behave in an erratic manner.

When you uninstall a program using Revo Uninstaller, you will be uninstalling any application the regular way. However, in addition to uninstalling, what you will also be getting a chance to remove the leftover items and the registry keys. In order to remove the registry keys, you will have three scanning options placed in front of you.




The above 3 options let you decide how aggressive the registry scanner of the uninstaller program is going to be. If you do not know anything about registry keys, you can always choose the Safe option and delete the most basic of keys. However, if you want to get rid of the program, right down to every speck, then you should choose the Advanced option. After getting rid of the registry keys, you will be presented an option of getting rid of the leftover programs (if they were left from the application that you just uninstalled). These leftover programs will normally be located in areas where your original application was not installed but it still is part of the application. This option will help to conserve disk space, and prevent unnecessary fragmentation of the hard drive, which normally slows down the system.

If you are the type of user who has a compulsion of getting rid of programs, right down to their molecular structure, then there is no better program than Revo Uninstaller.


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