Samsung files dual camera trademark applications

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 unveil is only four months away now at Mobile World Congress 2017, so you can bet that the Korean giant is on the case to prepare the arrival of what will be one of the most popular, high-end Android smartphones on the market. Of course, we’ve heard and seen rumors that the Galaxy S8 will have a dual camera setup (see aquí y aquí), with Samsung following the trend that has been established by LG with its G5, Huawei with its P9, and a trend that Apple has given some credence to with its dual camera setup on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Now, we have some definitive proof that a Galaxy S8 dual camera setup is on Samsung’s mind. The company has recently filed trademark applications for terms “LightUp Camera” and “Light+ Camera.” Now, from the terms themselves, it’s a no-brainer that these terms are all about the upcoming cameras on Samsung Galaxy flagships. The trademark filings were done on October 5, 2016, just six days ago, so Samsung’s got a futuristic use for these cameras/camera features. It’s an educated inference, too, to note that Samsung intends to use these to further improve the lowlight performance of the Galaxy S and Note series — series that already have world-leading cameras and mobile photography tech.

According to the trademark filing description, LightUp Camera and Light+ Camera are “camera sensor[s] for use in enhancing the brightness and clearness or digital images and photographs taken in low-light environments,” a clear reference to what Samsung is aiming for.

It’s been said by tech analysts that a dual camera setup can aid users with regard to zoom and lowlight features in a way that a single camera cannot, but LG’s G5 hasn’t helped in this regard. Having tested out the G5 and used it for several weeks and months, I can say that I’m not impressed with LG’s dual camera setup. The cameras don’t really scream premium to me, and they don’t make me wish I’d drop my single back camera for their existence on the G5 or any other handset. Samsung’s camera tech is superior to LG’s though, and if anyone could pull me into the dual camera trend, it would have to be LG’s fellow Seoul rival.

Galaxy S8 dual camera trademark terms lightup camera light+ camera

US dual camera trademark filing lightup camera light+ camera


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