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How To Use Soda PDF Editor to Edit PDF Files

The older versions of a PDF were only for sending information without any possibility of correcting or editing it. But now, we can use this versatile Soda PDF editor to edit and correct these PDF files where necessary. You no longer need to convert the files to word for correction and back to PDF again. Now, you can correct and edit the document just in its PDF form. has a lot of editing tools you can choose from. Here is how you can edit the PDF files with Soda PDF:

  1. Pick a file you need to edit. You can download it from your computer or cloud storage such as Google Drive or DropBox. If the file is already in your computer, drag and drop it in the box.
  2. On your Soda PDF desktop, Click on the Edit button at the right top corner. You can also type text in the edit tab. Double click anywhere on the screen and it to turns blue color.
  3. A cursor will appear directing you to start typing. Here, the Soda PDF functions just like any other text editor. When you are done editing, you can click anywhere outside the text and then you will close the text box. The text will be edited and it will appear without the borders.

The Soda PDF editor is free and easy to use. To use the editing tools, you need to create a Soda PDF account. You will get a free trial. This way you will learn how to edit files and documents using the Soda PDF. You will also discover different tools and amazing features using Soda PDF.

Most people do not know that you can edit files while still in PDF form. Soda PDF has different features to enable you edit. For instance, you can use extractor to remove images or some texts in the PDF file. You can also replace some text from other files. Another feature for editing PDF files is Split. This feature enables you to split files from a PDF file to many pages. Another tool for editing files is the Merge Feature, this helps you to combine different documents into one. You can arrange the files in the order you want them to appear.

What’s More About PDF Editor?

You can edit the files and share them in a compressed form. Using the compressing tool, you can make the files smaller in size for easy sharing. With the Soda PDF desktop, choose reduce the file size, and it will automatically compress.

There is a wide selection to make for inserting a text anywhere in your PDF. You can also select the type and the size of font you want to edit your text with. With soda PDF, you can create and add images on your file for a visual appeal. Additionally, you can use a ruler to align the files and the images well.

Soda PDF gives you endless possibilities to edit your PDF files the way you want it.


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