Tech companies that dominate on Instagram

You might be wondering what the best Instagram marketing strategies for your business are, there are many answers to this question depending on the type of business you own. There are a few exceptions, almost all brands have an account on Instagram and are using the app to market their products and services. Brands such as Nike use hashtags, filters, emojis, and videos to get more followers while brands like McDonald’s will often post pictures with their branded hashtag #McDonaldsLovin. Some brands even use an Instagram growth service like Growthsilo to gain more followers. When it comes to tech companies, there are many on Instagram including Citrix, Squarespace, and Adobe. These brands are dominating in terms of marketing and here are a few worth mentioning.


Citrix is an American corporation founded in 1989 that is in the business of cybersecurity. This company develops software that is designed to ensure secure access to content as well as applications on the internet. Citrix supplies products for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platforms and at the moment they are established in several countries. Cybersecurity isn’t exactly the most interesting topic however Citrix manages to use its Instagram page to make cybersecurity look fun. They manage to do this by tapping into a more geeky side by using themes such as Star Wars characters and Lego figures for example and they also showcase their team. They have their own branded hashtag called #CitrixLife, which they add to their bio and they use this hashtag to network and share appealing visuals. They make sure to include links to their blog and they always use their logo in their images. 


Squarespace is a website building and hosting company that was launched in 2004 in America. This company provides software for website building and hosting and provides users with pre-built website templates to modify web pages. Their Instagram page is filled with artsy imagery and they will post any sort of visuals from architecture to cake. They also use influencer marketing as part of their marketing strategy and even employed Keanu Reeves to reach their audience. Their strategy is very effective and because their business initially targeted photographers, image marketing on Instagram comes naturally.


Abode is a popular American software company that specializes in creativity and multimedia software products such as Photoshop, Adobe creative cloud, and Acrobat Reader. The company was founded in 1982 and is worth billions. Abode uses Instagram as a space to express their creativity and they post stunning high-quality images that have been beautifully edited. By scrolling through their Instagram page, you would never assume the company sells software but they manage to capture their audience with beautiful images. This company does not have to post anything about its software to be effective on Instagram. Their content speaks for itself. 


IBM is short for International Business Machines Corporation and they are a leading computer manufacturer in America founded in 1911. This technology company provides software, hardware, cloud-based services, and cognitive computing and they use their IG account to share images of their data centers and videos of their history. Their videos are informative, one video they educated their followers about how their programmers assisted the Apollo 13 mission in 1970. From a glance you can immediately tell this Instagram page belongs to a tech brand.


Dell was founded in 1984 and they are a computer technology company that sells repairs, develops, and supports computers and computer-related products and services. Dell uses their IG to promote their products and give their followers content of their products and they share images of their recycling policies. They successfully use their platform to shed some light on the inner workings of their company which is what makes their marketing strategy a success.


GoDaddy is the largest and most trusted domain register in the world and they were founded in 1997. This company will find the right website address for your business. They use their Instagram page to share beautiful landscape images and creative photos of their offices as well as video case studies of the different brands that have grown online using their services. They use their platform to demonstrate the effectiveness and success of their company which strengthens their legitimacy and credibility.

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