Verizon 2G network to end in December 2019

Verizon has the strongest and the most reliable network, but there are still customers in spotty areas who rely on Verizon 2G signals when it comes to making phone calls. Of course, the carrier’s new WiFi Calling and WiFi Texting eliminate the need for slow speeds at home, but some customers still battle this when on the road. Verizon coverage is stellar, but Verizon 2G is nothing to brag about. Thankfully, the carrier has heard the cries of its 2G customers and intends to do something about it between now and December 31, 2019.

That’s the word from Verizon Wireless, who confirmed Big Red’s plans in an interview with Fierce Wireless. The company says it will not “abandon a single customer,” leading us to believe that even the Verizon 2G network customers will be lifted from their current state. With Big Red transitioning to Voice Over LTE (or VoLTE) by the end of 2019, customers will be able to make calls over LTE without worrying about spotty or dropped calls. Even with WiFi Calling at this point, the presence of spottiness within networks means that the call is sometimes clear, sometimes not. With the move to VoLTE, calls will become even clearer than where they are now (something along the lines of Ultra HD voice, we believe, will become standard on all major carrier networks in the US).

Aside from the Verizon 2G network, the wireless giant in the US has been doing more to keep its customers satisfied. Recently, Verizon has introduced rollover data and unlimited data services, giving customers throttled data after reaching their specified tier limit and allowing unused data to rollover to the following month. When it comes to devices, Big Red has decided to give $300 off select high-end Android smartphones. Big Red was the first carrier in the US to sell the HTC 10, and was also the first to discount the device before Taiwanese maker HTC followed suit. Although Verizon followed T-Mobile in bringing installment plans to its customers, Verizon’s plans require that you keep your device on the line for 30 days whereas T-Mobile allows only 2 device upgrades in a single 12-month period.


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