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Why 3D pen is a great gift idea


Hello! If you’re looking for a good present idea, let me outline a few reasons why 3D pen might be just the thing for you. If you want to know more about 3D pens, you’re welcome to read this article, and aquí you will find some tips for choosing one.

  • It’s new, high-tech and not yet mainstream (mundane)

For most of us 3D printing and 3D pens are something new and vaguely exciting, but not something we can’t do without, so, as it’s not yet a mainstream, most people do not take a risk of buying a 3D pen. And this is one of the factors that make a 3D pen a great present idea: a present ought to make one feel the occasion special, it’s something that you fancy but wouldn’t buy on a usual day, unlike buying something mundane like another kitchen utensil.

  • An investment and not a waste of money

Buying a 3D pen is not just throwing money to the wind as it is with most other gadgets of this price range. Instead, it’s an investment. For an artistic person it is a chance to be creative, a chance to get freedom of creation, a new dimension of possibilities. For someone who enjoys DIY stuff, it can become a very valuable tool for creating all kinds of plastic shapes and objects, modifying, adorning and even repairing broken plastic objects, thus even saving some money.

  • An impulse to be creative

People instinctively know that being creative and expressing their inner world through creativity is healthy and wholesome. And yet, most of us procrastinate in satisfying our natural need for being creative and expressing ourselves. Having received a 3D pen as a present will change that, giving a powerful impulse to start doing what one has been dreaming of and be creative while feeling good about it rather than worrying about the time.

  • It’s not expensive

A present should not necessarily be expensive. It is true that a present should convey that we care about our friends and relations and value them, but paying a lot is not the only way to show you care. On the contrary, it shows you haven’t given the matter sufficient consideration to find something interesting. By choosing something that’s new, high-tech and exciting, you’ll achieve it through showing you’ve given some thought to the matter and chosen a 3D pen as something that is both a lot of fun and useful.

Have you seen the prices for 3D printers? Pretty expensive, aren’t they? If you have a friend who’d like to get started with 3D printing but isn’t sure if it’s really worth the time and money, it will be a great idea to buy him (or her) a 3D pen so that he would have a chance to find out if he wants to go further.

  • It’s a lot of fun.

Last, but not least, playing around with a 3D pen can be a lot of fun once you get past the initial stage. The thing is, although using a 3D pen is pretty simple and intuitive, it takes practice to start getting decent results for your troubles. Don’t give up and practice, for the only ones who don’t make mistakes are those who don’t try at all. Once you’ve found you’ve run out of ideas, you can browse the web and even download a few blueprints to be printed out on a paper so as to draw parts with a 3D pen on the paper, on top of the image.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, let me know in the comments section.





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