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Xbox anuncia sus planes para Gamescom 2015

E3 is only just behind us but it’s time to get ready for the next major video game trade show, Germany’s Gamescom. Today Xbox revealed their plans for the upcoming show, including details on a few games that were absent from E3 earlier this month.

Xbox Wire specifically mentions three games that we’ll see at Gamescom this year:

Scalebound: This game was announced last year at E3 but was MIA at the show this year. An action title from PlatinumGames, the studio behind Bayonetta, has you battling with and against fearsome creatures like dragons. The title is a reference to a scale like armor the lead character is capable of creating.

Quantum Break: The new title from the people behind Alan Wake, so we’re expecting to be waiting a while for it, is a combination  of game and film, where your actions within the game dictate how the live action story progresses.

Crackdown: This third game in the series was announced a year ago and fans are very excited to see what an Xbox One version of the title will look like.

Xbox has announced their Gamescom Press Conference will take place August 4th. The event is set for 4:00 PM local time, which translates to 10:00 AM Eastern and a bright an early 7:00 AM on the west coast. It will be watchable via the live event viewer on Xbox One or Xbox 360 as well as on Xbox.com.

Gamescom is hybrid event, as it is meant for industry affiliates for the first few days, but then opens up to the public at the end, giving everybody a chance to experience what’s coming in gaming. It’s become so big that it actually the largest consumer gaming show on the planet.

Xbox will also be including a Fan Fest event, as they did for E3 this year. It will run August 6-10, with an industry only day on August 5.

It’s nice to see that with all the major announcements Microsoft had in June that they’ll still have at least a few things to talk about in August. There will likely be a few other unique announcements, although many of them will probably be earned toward the European market. There are a number of Xbox One features and apps that are available there which are not available in the US, so be prepared to be jealous about at least a few things.


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