Amazon Cloud Storage is now unlimited, for $5, and for one year

Has your Dropbox storage run out? I had a trial offer for 25GB with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that I didn’t try out until a year after buying the device. My Dropbox storage has now ended, with me only having 9GB of free cloud storage due to the basic 5GB plan plus some friend recommendations. At the same time, however, I’m not worried: I have a Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage plan that provides 130GB of free cloud storage. With that said, I could use some additional Google Drive storage, and, with Google’s new $2 a month offers for 1TB, I can’t go wrong.

Amazon has been quiet on this front, only granting 5GB of free cloud storage and not really doing anything to stand out from other cloud storage providers such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and others. Well, Amazon has now decided to strike at the heart of cloud storage. The online retailer is offering a year of unlimited cloud storage for just $5. That’s right: for one year, you can have all the cloud storage in the world for $5. According to the offer itself, a one-time $5 payment is all that’s mandated for the one-year trial. It is a trial, however — and after it’s over, you’ll have to pay $60 a year to continue experiencing the wonder of unlimited cloud storage. $60 for each year of unlimited storage isn’t a bad thing either, and businesses will want to take advantage of the low fee.

Google’s 1TB for $2 monthly isn’t bad either, but it isn’t unlimited (it’s only 1000GB of storage) and there will come a day when it will run out if you’re a cloud storage-hungry individual who loves living in the cloud. In the here and now, however, the offer will be a steal for Amazon Prime, Amazon Video on Demand, and Amazon Cloud Drive users. And, if you’re a Fire Phone owner, it is absolutely essential for you to take advantage of this offer since the Fire Phone has only 32GB of storage.


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