Apple Watch will be sold via online reservation system rather than lining up

People who are eagerly waiting to pack their bags and line up outside an Apple Store to buy an Apple Watch at the launch day have to readjust their strategy. Apple Watch, which will be available after April 24 can only be bought by making a reservation for the desired Apple Watch model online. This time, Apple won’t be giving out the Apple Watch like it normally does with its iPhone and iPads.

Apple Watch preorders begin on April 10 after midnight and will be sold on Apple Stores on April 24. Consumers who are interested in buying the device can come and have a demo of the Apple Watch after April 10.

This time, Apple has adapted a new system to sell its smartwatch. All sales of the Apple Watch will be done through a reservation system both at the launch day and after that, Apple has confirmed stating that this system will continue for indefinite period of time. This means that the world won’t be seeing long lines just like the ones which are common at every iPhone launch day over the years.

Apple Stores will only be able to sell a device which has been already reserved online by a potential buyer. Even if the stock runs out on Apple stores, people can still reserve their specific Apple Watch model and they will be notified when it is back in stock.

Reservation system has two options though – once a consumer makes a reservation, he/she can either visit a store and pick it up or get it shipped to their address. The exact details about the reservation program will be different from store to store but for the time being, if someone is planning to buy an Apple Watch, make sure to reserve it online before it gets out of stock.

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