Apptray: Cydia Tweak to launch Apps from the Notification Center in iOS 7 and 8

Many users would prefer to launch apps from the Notification Center and thanks a Cydia tweak that works in iOS 7 and iOS 8, this is possible. Apptray is a convenient and well-designed Cydia tweak that adds app shortcuts in the Notification Center, allowing you to open apps faster. It can be difficult to get your favourite apps when there are too many icons on the springboard, but with Apptray you can get easy access to what you need. We’ll find out more about Apptray here.

How does it work

Apptray places an additional tab in the Notification Center and you can select which apps should appear on this tab. Apps can be selected from Apptray’s settings/preferences page in the Settings app and while the functionality is quite simple, it is a great solution for anyone who has a large selection of apps installed. You would not need to scroll through what seems like endless pages of apps in order to access the one you are looking for.
Apart from being able to choose the apps that you want to see in Apptray tab that is included in the Notification Center, there are other settings that can be configured to tailor your Apptray experience. For instance, you can adjust the opacity of the icons to get the look that you prefer. It is also possible to enable/disable Apptray in a few steps and you can toggle the Open to Apptray switch to set Apptray as the default tab when you open the Notification Center.

Using Apptray

To ensure that you take full advantage of the convenience that Apptray offers, you should select the apps that you use most of the time. The tweak has been designed to combine functionality and great visuals to make sure that you enjoy using it and that it looks well on your device. It is user-friendly and will run without any issues on jailbroken iOS devices with iOS 7 or iOS 8. Furthermore, Apptray doesn’t override security settings and it won’t open the apps when you swipe down the Notification Center from the Lockscreen if a passcode/TouchID is in place.

Apptray was developed by DarkMalloc and you can get it from sources like This handy tweak that allows you to launch apps quickly from the Notification Center is a practical option that can be installed on your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch. You can add as many apps as you want to Apptray and its has been updated to work with iOS 8.4. You can get it for just $1.99.

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