Best Alarm Clock iPhone Apps

Waking up can be difficult, specially when you need to be up very early in the morning and you didn’t have enough sleep. However, there are apps that are designed to help you to leave the bed and get to work, school or anywhere you need to go to, feeling a bit more energized. Most of these alarm clock apps for iOS allow you to start the day in a better way thanks to their soothing sounds and smart performance. They can wake you up at the right time in your sleep cycle so you won’t feel like it was abruptly interrupted. Others are mainly focused on ensuring that you wake up and get out of bed no matter what. These apps also give you greater control and offer convenient features that the standard alarm clock doesn’t support. Here are the best alarm clock options for iPhone.

Sleep Cycle

This app by Northcube AB is more than an alarm clock, it is a tool that will help you to wake up feeling more rested. It keeps track of your sleep to wake you up at the best time in your sleep cycle. You just need to enter the time when you need to wake up and Sleep Cycle will analyze your sleep overnight. Once your desired wake up time approaches and you are at the lightest sleep phase, the app will activate the alarm. Sleep Cycle uses unique technology to track your sleep movements using sound and vibration to ensure that the alarm sounds at the right time. Simply place your phone near the bed or on the floor and let the app monitor your sleep so that it wakes you up without making you feel that you didn’t get enough sleep. The alarm may sound a bit earlier than needed, but it will be easier to wake up and you will feel refreshed.

Wake Alarm Clock

Created by Jaded Labs, Wake Alarm Clock is a feature-rich solution with a user-friendly interface that offers many configuration options. It gives you more control over how you wake up and how you snooze the alarm. You can use simple gestures to control the app and there are multiple alarm styles available. It is possible to slap the screen to snooze the alarm, or you can turn the phone over, or even shake it to turn off the alarm. The options will suit different preferences and will ensure that you wake up when you need to. You can create multiple repeatable alarms and personalize the app using 12 exclusive alarm sounds. This intuitive and free app gives you flexibility to choose the way in which you prefer to wake up.

Alarm Clock for Me

Apalon apps brings an alarm clock that works seamlessly with the latest version of iOS and it allows you to wake up and to fall asleep listening to your favorite sounds. It supports a wide variety of features including multi-functional timer, information on weather conditions and a practical flashlight. There is a selection of appealing themes to choose from so you can customize the alarm clock in the way you want. You can also create a personalized wake-up playlist using your favorite music. Even if the app is not running, the background alarm support will ensure that you get up. It is also possible to adjust the screen brightness to make sure that it doesn’t hurt your eyes when you check it in the morning. There is also a pro version available that doesn’t feature ads.

Rise Alarm Clock

The Risk Alarm Clock is designed to transform the way in which you wake up, making the experience simple and even enjoyable. It is innovative, smart and easy to use. The beautiful interface will help you to set your alarm clock without hassle and every aspect of the app is interactive. You can have a lot of fun while choosing your wake up time because the app lets you use simple gestures and it displays different images as you set up the alarm. You can even shake the device to set an alarm quickly when you want to use the timer function or take a brief nap. You can wake up feeling refreshed and happy thanks to the pleasant sounds that the app plays, or if preferred, you can choose your favorite music. This app created by Kellen Styler is available for $1.99.

Loud Alarm Clock

Loud Alarm Clock won’t give you a subtle wake up call that eases you into the day, but if you have a heavy sleep and tend to dismiss the alarm, it may be the right choice for you. The app is designed to make sure that you can’t continue sleeping so it is perfect if you find it difficult to get up in the morning and need to ensure that you are not late for work or don’t miss your flight. As the name suggests, the app will use a super loud alarm to get you out of your slumber. You can choose from a selection of sounds, including annoying sirens and alarms, or maybe a song that you can’t stand. You have the option to set up the alarm in such a way that it can’t be snoozed. You won’t have other choice but to get up. It won’t give you a pleasant wake up call, but it gets the job done when it comes to getting you out of bed.

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