Best Hangboards

Hangboards are instruments used to improve your climbing abilities. It is to train you to enhance your skill and improve your strength. A hangboard is one of the best investments you could buy. It is the best routine workout to quickly improve your climbing; but, the tricky part is choosing the right one that would suit your needs. This article will feature top hangboards to help you in choosing the best one for you.

1. Trango Rock Prodigy Training Center

The authors of The Rock Climber’s Training Manual, Mike and Mark Anderson created and designed the Trango Rock Prodigy Training Center (RPTC). The RPTC comes in two separate pieces which enables you to customize the width of the board to your body. It also offers a variety of different kinds of holds. This product is best for beginners but it is also great and challenging for advanced users. In fact, the depth of edge rails decreases as you move forward which enables you to customize your training to easier or harder levels depending on your need.

The RPTC was also designed for your skin and joints’ comfortability which decreases your chances of having to cut your training short because of discomfort.

Lastly and the most amazing part is that this model comes in set of pinches of large and small which makes it great as not all hangboards have this feature.

2. Metolius Project Training Board

Though this brand and model might be a bit expensive for some, but it is said to be cost effective and gives you the value of your money. This model is designed for intermediate and advanced climbers. Its fingerboard does not have fancy features such as pinches or one finger pockets but has tough slopers, pairs of jugs and edge rails of different levels of difficulties.

All in all, this model is the best value of your money.

3. Metolius Rock Rings 3D

This model is best for those who are on budget. The Rock Rings 3D are cheaper than other hangboards. This model is great for pull-ups and it has three pocket edges. The downside is that it has limited climbing options compared to other hangboards.

4. Metolius Simulator 3D Training Board

Considered as the number one selling training board in the world, the Simulator 3D training board is larger than any other hangboards which gives higher and wide range of options for different

users in different levels. This model has different holds for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

5. Beastmaker 2000

This model is made of wood and unlike other models, the Beastmaker 2000 is more difficult due to the smoothness of the wood. Good thing about it though, it makes training harder, it is also less uncomfortable on your skin.

This hangboard is not for beginners though as the design was created by strongest professional climbers. The Beastmaker 2000 has step slopers and shallow pockets and edge rails which makes this model one of the most tough hangboards.

6. Blank Slate Climbing Trainer

For those who does not have any place to put a hangboard to train, you could rent one instead. This means you don’t have to screw or create a hole on your wall. The Blank Slate Climbing Trainer is the perfect solution. This model comes also with a smartphone and tablet mount for your workouts.

Choosing the Best Hangboard

Training is difficult but it has a goal of making one better and stronger and with the right hangboard this goal could be attainable provided you are able to purchase the right product. The following are the things you should take into consideration before purchasing a hangboard.

  1. Mount-ability – Before purchasing a hangboard, ensure that you have a place to mount it or else a hangboard will be useless and you will not be able train at all.
  2. Variety – another important factor is the difficulty and different levels of hold a model could offer. Ensure that the hangboard offers a variety of holds as this is the only way you’ll be able to enhance your skills.

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