Best Bitcoin Android Apps

Bitcoin is one of the most popular investment platforms in the business industry. Since it started there has been tools or machines invented for one to be able to receive their money. One of it are ATM machines but as time progresses so are its paying and receiving methods. Hence, for easier and more convenient way, bitcoin applications were created.

Today, if you will check Google Play Store, you will see numerous Bitcoin Android apps that will pay you. However, one must be very cautious as only a few of it will actually pay you and some will suddenly disappear from the Store’s listing. Though this is the case, this should not deter you from investing and using Bitcoin android apps. Through this article, you will find apps that are trustworthy, reliable and will pay you.

1. Storm Play

Known as Bitmaker, this Bitcoin Faucet app pays its users every thirty minutes. This app allows its users to earn Bitcoin, Storm Tokens and Ethereum. Storm Play is free and has great interface with loads of amazing features. Moreover, it also offers rewards and provides a scoreboard that shows a comparison of your earnings with your friends.

To start using Storm Play, all you have to do is to provide an email address and a Bitcoin wallet address. It is suggested that you use Xapo or Coinbase wallets.

2. Bitclaim

This app is free to install. You will need a bitcoin wallet for this app to work. Once you have done so, you could already start earning Satoshi. Bitclaim claims to pay or reward every thirty minutes. However, this app has a threshold and has a maximum amount it could pay its users and its interface is not pleasing.

3. BTC Safari

BTC Safari is another free Bitcoin Faucet app that allows its users to earn up to a maximum of 400 Satoshi per claim. This app also pays all its users every 15 minutes. The app’s interface is easy to use and simple. In fact, signing up is easy as all you need to provide is an email address and a Bitcoin wallet address. This app is one of the most recommended Bitcoin apps.

4. Bitcoin Farm

Bitcoin Farm pays its users every 30 minutes. It is simple to use and has extra features such as receiving extra bonus whenever you watch paid videos. This app allows you to get paid every Saturday or Sunday whenever you cash-out your earnings to bitcoin wallet. However, the minimum amount you need to cash out is 20000.

5. BitcoinCash Farm

This app is one of the best apps that assists its users to earn Bitcoin cash every 30 minutes. Its maximum payout every half an hour is about 200 Satoshi. Like Bitcoin Farm, BitcoinCash Farm allows its users to cash out earnings once one has reached 20,000 Satoshi.

BitcoinCash Farm’s interface is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is to click the button every thirty minutes and you shall get your free Satoshi. This app is also very trustworthy and if it catches someone cheating, it will automatically shut down your account and you will lose your earnings.


If you are just starting to invest and to use Bitcoin apps, it is recommended to research and learn how Bitcoin apps work. Since it is a tool used to receive Bitcoin rewards and cash outs, one has to check carefully the app by checking its reviews and features. As mentioned above, it is recommended to be cautious and careful as some apps could suddenly disappear from Google Store and some of the apps do not pay out. However, through this article, you are assured and guaranteed that the listed apps are trustworthy, efficient, worry-free and reliable to use.

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