Bring Jewelry to Life: 3D Print it With Trove

How amazing would it be to have a way of “building” something we need on the spot? Something like a vase to put flowers and bam, there it is. Truth is, that is already possible – 3D printing is an amazing technology that makes all this a reality, using a variety of materials and techniques.

This technology can have many uses and applications, from the most frivolous like the one mentioned above, to other astonishing ones like artificial organs, prosthetics or even parts for the automotive or aerospace industry. But the potential for the world of arts is also incredible.

Taking advantage of this, a new service named Trove uses the 3D printing technology to bring custom jewelry designs to life. With some good prices, starting at $50, this platform is an excellent option for creators, designers and everyone else to make their creations or the jewelry of their dreams a reality.

Trove has several options regarding printing materials, from metals like brass, copper and even precious metals like 14K gold and sterling silver. When someone orders a print, Trove sends a free try-on model to the client, so that the client can see if the piece fits well.

Trove’s platform offers a selection of preexisting jewelry models, which users can print as they like or even edit them to better match their taste. In addition, as one would expect, users can design their own models from scratch, upload them to the platform and get them printed.

All this makes Trove a great service for jewelry designers who want to build their designs, using all the potential from 3D printing. Regular people can also use Trove to choose from the existing jewelry galleries or submit their models to produce the jewelry they – telling people that your wedding ring was 3D printed seems great, right?

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