CCleaner: Why is it the best cleaning tool for your computer?

Out of all the operating systems, Windows has essentially become the best one out there thanks to years of being refined in to a proper desktop and laptop operating system. However, that does not grant the operating system the perk of escaping maintenance procedures every now and then. Of all the several software used to keep the operating system working in an optimal manner, one of them happens to be the CCleaner. It might not defragment your hard drive or check it for errors or damaged sectors, but it will definitely clean out loads of junk that comes in the form of useless registry keys, unused files and temporary internet files that do nothing but slow down your system and eat up storage space. Let us review the software and see why CCleaner should be your one stop solution for maintaining your operating system.

The two main functions

CCleaner’s first function is to scan your system and delete useless files. Its second function is to erase private data like your web browser’s history. It works similar to the pre-loaded Windows disk cleanup tool but adds an abundant number of features to it in order to prevent you from opening up tons of software at once to perform these maintenance procedures. The biggest advantage of installing the application over the pre-installed Windows Cleanup Tool is that the pre-loaded software will not target the cache files for other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Furthermore, the software will also not lay a hand on the files that NVIDIA’s and AMD’s graphics driver installers create every time the graphics driver is updated and before you ask; each update can set the storage space back by 100-500 megabytes.

If you are fortunate enough to have the application installed on your computer, then the added perk of using a 3rd party program is that CCleaner will provide you with additional functionalities. Also, if you happen to be a wiz in knowing which files you have to delete and which ones to leave them as they are, then CCleaner will grant you complete autonomy towards using that function to your advantage. In addition to removing unwanted programs, CCleaner also allows the user to use the application as an uninstalling application. Though there are several other 3rd party programs that grant the user more freedom when removing programs, an ‘all in one package’ is always better than opening up multiple applications.

System restore

System restore is also included in CCleaner. If you feel that your system has started behaving erratically due to a Windows update, installation or any other factor, you will have two options with you. Either you can use the pre-installed program to restore your system to an earlier point in order to undo the damage done to your system or, you can use the CCleaner application.

Disabling startup programs

Most programs are initiated when your operating system has booted to the desktop screen. You might not know which ones are running or which ones are chewing up your system resources. For these things, you can always use the CCleaner to disable (or enable) any program you feel is not worthy of utilizing your system’s available resources.

With all the details listed with what the application can do for you, it would be a shame if you ignored having this application being installed on your operating system. Give it a whirl and you will not be disappointed.

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