The Future of the Internet – Big Predictions of 2020

The thing about innovation is that it is continually developing, and nothing advances as quickly as the Internet. Today, the world of the internet isn’t just about PCs, cell phones, laptops, and tablets any longer. In a generally brief timeframe, the internet and World Wide Web are making extraordinary amazement to get to the new thoughts, musings, information, and more data. Here are 7 significant forecasts of what is yet to accompany the Internet, check Local Cable Deals, in 2020 – which isn’t that distant from where we are today.

Over 5 billion people will use the internet

Although a lot of people are already using the internet not just as a luxury but as a necessity – it may not be available to just about everyone. If we notice the trends like internet having 3.14 billion users back in 2015 it won’t be too much of a farfetched idea to think that if the numbers keep going up – the internet might just hit the 5 billion mark!!

Developing countries will witness the biggest growth

Since we have had internet for quite some time – we might not be able to grow or reach a new peak in comparison to Africa that has the lowest internet penetration rate lying at a mere 10%. This is mostly because of the newer minds – a number of innovations and ideas. While we might have left something out – the developing countries would take upon them to do so.

Digital Marketing will be the main game

Yes, many companies are marketing themselves using the common PPC, SEO and SMM purposes but there are still a lot of organizations that go about handing out flyers and whatnot. If the idea of a better tomorrow for the future generations stays intact – many businesses would take upon the mantle of digital marketing and go about repurposing themselves. It is cheaper as well as eco-friendly. This would help them win the hearts of a newer woke-r consumer generation.

E-commerce would lead the paths

It is absolutely lovely going shop to shop to buy your favorite towels, candles, etc. and for grocery shopping. Wait, let’s be honest it’s not! The times have changed – everyone is busy running the rat race – we don’t have the luxury to go shopping if we want to have our personal time or even rest for a bit after work. Life, without a doubt, has gotten very fast and it will only get faster. Thus, more people would turn to online shopping and billing. Who knows there might come a day when we might not need so many tall buildings to get things done. One swipe and it’s complete. 

Cloud computing ftw!

Day in and day out, as we grow more responsible towards keeping a record of everything – we try to save our important documents, conversational screenshots, and what not to make sure we have what we need when the time comes. Cloud is the answer for all of this and is predicted to get more importance by the end of 2020. Everyone will try to save their data on the cloud because it’s safe yet accessible in a mere click. We won’t have to run home for a copy of the document when we can just scroll it out on outsmart screens.

5G will help us go wireless

Cables wires, fiber connections, and whatnot will all start to go obsolete. Once 5G is open to and for all – no one is going to go get a device that requires so much positioning and cable wires to help us stay connected. Instead, 5G as well as satellite internet both offer a good wireless internet connection. Once their crinkles are ironed out – we wouldn’t have to be a slave to particular boundaries of our houses or cafes for hotspots.

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