Apprenez à trouver votre code PIN Roku rapidement et facilement

You would like to log in on your Roku account, however, you do not know where to find your Roku pin which is kind of frustrating. Do not worry, we understand you. In fact, a lot of people are trying to figure out where to find their Roku PIN. If you are one of them, you came to the right place. In this article, you would learn how to find your Roku Pin without any issues, problems or even worries.

Overview of Roku Pin

For you to be able to set up your Roku streaming device easily and quickly, you would need to have your Roku Pin. Do not worry as it is not rocket science to find it. In fact, it is easy to do but, first, before we go deep into it, let us learn what is a Roku pin.

A Roku pin is actually a unique code which would let you get access on specific functions on your Roku device. This is includes the ability to add channels, set parental controls, linking your streaming device with Roku mobile app. The only way for you to be able to use any of the mentioned features is by using your Roku pin.

For you to be able to find your Roku pin code, you would need to go to your account’s settings of your streaming device. Select System. Go to the Link with Mobile section and click on it. On this section, you would be able to view your current PIN code which would be displayed on your screen. See how easy that was?

Your Roku pin code is unique from one Roku owner to another. This means, we highly recommend for you to ensure that you safe guard it and do not share it with anyone else.

How to Find Your Roku Activation Code

  • Sign into your Roku account
  • Select Manage your account
  • Select setting on the menu
  • Click on System under Device Settings and scroll down until you find a serial number listed.

Find Your Network Name and Password

To find your network name and password your would need to go to the control panel of your computer. Select Network and Sharing Center. Click on change adapter settings. Select the WiFi network that you are using. Select properties and you would find your network name and password.

Now that you have your network name and password, you would be able to connect your TV or streaming device.

Activating Your Roku With the Help of a Pin

  • On the Home Screen, go to settings option. Then go to player info and click on it. You would find different information about your device including your Roku Pin code.
  • Using Your Mobile App – if you are using a mobile app, you could also find your PIN there. Just go to device settings and ensure that you have your account created on your mobile app.
  • On Your Web Browser – go to the official Roku website. Access the list of registered devices and their pins. Just log into your account and search for your account information.

Troubleshooting Tips for Finding Your Roku Pin

Check Your User Guide

On your user guide, you would find all the information you would need in finding your Roku pin. Look for settings or network and in these sections, you would find your pin in no time.

Visit the Manufacturer’s Website

Log onto your manufacturer’s website and contact their online support services. For sure, they would help you find your Roku Pin in no time.

Set Up a Customer Support Request

Last but not the least, locate your Pin through contacting their customer service. It is easy to do. Just follow their step-by-step instructions and you would easily find your pin in no time. You could also ask them for any issues or challenges you are currently experiencing.

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