HTC rumored to be working on an entry-level tablet

Taiwanese smartphone marker HTC, after collaborating with Google, was able to roll out the successor of the Nexus tablet lineup, Nexus 9. Unfortunately, while the slate was able to deliver significant amounts of performance, its lack of a microSD card slot, and unable to exude the same performance as iPad Air 2 coupled with the fact that it was incorporated with inferior quality components after being tore down led to the product becoming an unpopular one. Now, HTC is gearing up to release another tablet, only this time, there is going to be no partnership with any firm.

According to a source, no details of the upcoming slate have been provided, other than the fact that it is going to feature entry-level hardware specifications. With those entry-level specifications, it is possible that tablet is going to feature a MediaTek chipset, since the mobile chip maker is known for placing its components in to mobile devices that carry a small price tag. According to another source, the name of the product is going to be HTC H7. Judging from the model name, it is possible that the tablet is going to feature a 7 inch screen size.

While resolution details are currently unavailable, HTC H7 might feature a 1080p resolution, since high-end products are rendering the 2K or 1440p resolution. No exact release date were given for the product, but the source states that HTC will be planning on launching it during Q2, 2015. Seeing as how all products being released in 2015 feature the Lollipop5.0 update, HTC H7 could feature the same or an updated version.

Unfortunately, that is all the information present at this current time. As the tablet draws near to its launching period, its exact hardware specifications will be made available to the public, if a tablet exists in the first place.

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