For Lady Bosses: How To Create An Awesome Home Office Space

Working from home is proving to become increasingly popular among, with as many as 54% of respondents in a recent survey stating that they would like to work from home.  As a mom, working from home allows you to spend more time with your family while still earning an income.  If you are serious about setting up an office at home, whether working for an employer or for yourself, you will have to find a space to set up an office in. You will also have to pay close attention to how you kit out your new office, as your productivity can be greatly influenced by everything from the color of your walls and your wall art, to the temperature and lighting within the space. If the mere thought of setting up your own home office is making you break out in a cold sweat, don’t despair. A few basic guidelines will soon have you well on your way to creating a productive working space for yourself.

Transform a room in your home

If you have a room in your house that you can turn into an office space, count yourself extremely blessed, as not all moms have that much space at their disposal. If the room you want to use is empty, you may only need to give the walls a fresh lick of paint, put in a desk, chair, and your office supplies, and hang up some wall art before you are ready to start working. And let’s not forget about gadgets; high quality mics and speakers are a must nowadays, especially, if you’ll be spending time on zoom or other platforms having online meetings. If, however, the room was previously used as a spare bedroom or storage room, you may have to do some serious decluttering before moving in. Either way, a bit of effort and a healthy dose of imagination are all you will need to convert an unused space into a fabulous home office.

Create an office in your garden

If you have no available space in your home for an office, or would simply prepare to set up an office some distance away from it, consider using a tiny cabin, garden shed, or shipping container if you have sufficient space in your yard. When looking for the ideal cabin-based office space, start by comparing modular to manufactured cabins, especially if you want to move in as soon as possible. This research will enable you to choose a cabin that will suit all your needs, including your budget. If you already have a garden shed that hardly gets used, you should be able to transform it into an office with relative ease. Many work-from-home moms prefer to have their office spaces outside of the family home, as it gives them increased privacy without being far away from the children. Having a view of your garden can also help you relax at times when it feels like the world is spiraling out of control.

Utilize any space you may have

While we may all dream of having a beautifully-furnished home office, it simply isn’t always possible to set an entire room aside for this purpose. Thankfully, even the smallest of spaces can be transformed into a home office with the right furnishings and a touch of creativity. Take a walk through your house and identify any possible spaces that could double as an office. A room under the stairs or an unused section of your hallways will more than suffice, while even a closet can become a gorgeous yet practical work area. One of the biggest benefits of setting up an office in a closet is the fact that you can simply close the door and walk away from it at the end of a very productive day.

Don’t disregard shared spaces

According to a study by global research company IPSOS, 57% of employees telecommute on a regular basis, and as many as one-third works remotely on a permanent basis, which means both you and your partner may be working from home. While it may not seem like an ideal arrangement, sharing a workspace may turn out a lot better than you could ever have imagined. Setting up a shared workspace is an especially good idea if you have an entire room at your disposal for this purpose. You can ensure that each person has their own space to work in, while also creating a small communal area where you can, for example, sit and have a cup of coffee together during your tea break.

Your office space should reflect your personality

Regardless of what space you transform into a home office, you need to make sure that it reflects your own personality. Choose an overall theme and color scheme that not only inspires you but that is conducive to productivity as well. Even if you know what you like, you may find it difficult to incorporate it into an aesthetically pleasing, functional workspace. It is always good to think of your office space as a blank canvas that you can systematically transform into the perfect workplace. Make sure you have comfortable furniture and adequate lighting, and then start adding personal touches to your space.

Ambient noise can increase your productivity

According to research, your productivity can decrease by as much as 66% if you’re exposed to constant background noise, including people talking, babies crying, or the TV blaring. Providing some sort of ambient noise, such as music or white noise, will cover up a lot of these distractions, and may also improve your productivity. Also, take a good look at your office lighting. While natural light will obviously be the best choice, quality artificial light can not only limit eye strain, but reduce the onset of computer vision syndrome as well while decreasing your anxiety.

Being able to work from home is a huge blessing, and one that can provide a busy mom with increased peace of mind.  Being able to work in a beautiful, industrious environment will also give your productivity a hefty boost, which will be of great benefit to your entire family.

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