Microsoft Surface 2 successor will not be carrying the RT name

While the release of the Surface Pro 4 was always on the cards, tech giant Microsoft is also attempting the target the middle tier tablet market with the successor of the Surface 2. The company seems to be doing a splendid job in targeting the entry and middle smartphone markets with its affordable Windows Phone offerings, and now the company plans on replicating that same effort with the Surface 2’s successor. According to a reliable source, the upcoming product is expected to boast far better performance compared to the Surface 2 and will come with a fanless design.

The fanless design gives speculation that Microsoft will either be choosing Intel’s Atom or Core-M based CPU to be fitted in to its upcoming product, since the aforementioned processors are able to provide the best possible combination of performance and battery life without going above the temperature limits. The fanless design will also mean that the upcoming slate will be featuring a slim form factor, which will no doubt make the product portable as well.

The tablet’s upcoming release date has not been confirmed but it will releasing before the Q3, 2015 timeline, meaning that it will be announced before the arrival of Windows 10. With that release date, the tablet is going to be running Windows 8.1, but will no doubt receive an operating system upgrade, allowing users to experience the ‘unified interface’ platform of Microsoft.

There is no word on how powerful the tablet is going to be when squaring off against the company’s Surface Pro 3 tablet. If the successor of the Surface 2 is able to put up a fair fight against the company’s flagship offering, then it will present the perfect solution for consumers looking for a suitable replacement for their Windows based laptop.

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