Microsoft takes Xbox One to a whole new level at E3, 2015

Microsoft made some pretty big announcements about the Xbox One platform at the year’s biggest gaming conference, the E3, making Xbox One console a gadget that can now reach broader audience and multiple screens. According to Phil Spencer,” If you’ve been waiting to upgrade from an Xbox 360, now is the time”.

The biggest announcement about the Xbox One at the E3 is the backward compatibility support for previous generation Xbox 360 games. Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer announced that Microsoft wants to make Xbox One gaming library the biggest game library of all times. He said that Microsoft is working on developing patches for both online game titles and retail discs. The patch will allow older and new Xbox 360 games to run on Xbox One.

The next big announcement includes the interaction between an Xbox One console and a Windows 10 PC. Many new game titles are coming on both Xbox One and PC will share some common features for the first time like the ability to edit games on PC. Companies can also offer different types of purchases like if a user purchases a copy for one platform, he/she can download it for free on the other and can play with friends on both platforms.

Another interesting feature announced by Microsoft is that users can now stream any Xbox game on their computer and play with an Xbox One controller. This means that exclusive Xbox titles can now be played on a Windows PC for the first time.

Finally, Microsoft will be releasing a brand new, professional-graded Xbox One controller by the end of this year that will be targeted for hardcore and competitive gamers that prefer mouse/keyboard combo over controllers for playing games. The new controller will have swappable components and new buttons as well.

Microsoft is really making Xbox One more than just a gaming console. At the time of Xbox One launch in November, 2013, Microsoft said that it plans to make Xbox One an ‘all-in-one entertainment system’ and it looks like Microsoft is finally putting all the pieces together to make Xbox One a play-anything, play-anywhere gadget.

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