Moto G4 moniker now official, leaks along with 3GB of RAM in Geekbench

We’ve been hearing about the Moto G4 and the Moto G4 Plus, but we’ve seen nothing yet to confirm that either device exists. The closest we’ve come in hints is Motorola’s own invitation for an announcement in New Delhi, but even then, no name was given — nor were we given anything in the way of a device moniker.

Thanks to Geekbench, we now have a confirmation for not only the moniker but also the RAM that will be released with the device. First, the name “Moto G(4)” has been leaked for the device name in the device’s Geekbench scoring, which brings an end to the guessing game. The device will have Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow pre-installed, indicating that it is indeed a current device (since releasing with something like Android 5.0 Lollipop would bring suspicion as to its current state).

Aside from the moniker and the OS pre-installed, the Moto G4 will also have 3GB of RAM, which is a big deal for what many are viewing as a mid-range device. Few mid-range devices on the market have 3GB of RAM, but Motorola is keen on making mid-range handsets into flagships (remember the Moto G of last year with a 13MP back camera? That was only heard of on flagships such as the Galaxy Note 3 back in 2013.), so the tradition continues with the next-generation Moto G handset. The Moto G4’s 3GB of RAM also indicates that, should the Moto G4 Plus come to fruition, it could have 4GB of RAM with a mid-end/high-end appeal.

The processor for the Moto G4 is the MSM8952, which is the model number for the Snapdragon 617 processor. Now, this is an octa-core, but it is an octa-core for mid-range smartphones and wouldn’t have the same capacity as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor — even though Qualcomm made the Snapdragon 617 and the Snapdragon 810. Now, the 810 was a “hot potato” when it was released, but its power can be seen in the Nexus 6P’s excellent performance.

The Moto G4 has a single-core score of 719, which shows that it won’t match up to the high-end flagships on the market today. Take the Galaxy S7, for instance: the AT&T model scored a single-core score of 2,282 points at Geekbench, which is over 3 times the score that the Moto G4 posted. The multi-core Moto G4 score is 3,076 points, which is 1,000 points below what the Galaxy S7 scored (4,079 points). The Moto G4 multi-core score is slightly below that of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha’s multi-core score (3,091), which shows you the power of the Moto G4 and its position as a mid-range device (not a low-end device like the Moto E).

Well, at least the Moto G4 is now a phone in existence.


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