Mozilla CTO says Firefox OS is in for the long fight with Google and Apple

Mozilla is still trying to establish their Firefox OS but till now the company has no luck when compared to big OS companies like Google, Apple and Windows. Still Mozilla does not think either Android or iOS are worth it as the Chief Technology Officer of Firefox, Andreas Gal, addressed both Android and iOS and accused both the companies of having a “complete lack of transparency”.

According to Andreas Gal “Right now the users has a choice between one phone where you can’t tell what goes inside it and another phone where you can’t tell what goes on inside it”. He also said that smartphone that are dominating the market are like closed gardens where the user does not know what is going on inside their smartphone as their private data is not safe and being used by software giants.

Andreas Gal also claimed that “What an Android phone essentially is, it’s like Google’s agent in your pocket… they don’t intend to put you first, they put Google first because Google needs to increase their value. They’d like to know things about you and track you so they can target you. Google sets the rules that serve Google in the end, not necessarily the user”.

He also said if users are looking for openness then Firefox OS is the best alternative for them aside from Android and iOS though he did not criticize Windows OS we don’t know why maybe Andreas Gal has his own views. Mozilla as of now has a couple of affordable smartphones in the market that runs Firefox OS about which not a lot of people are aware.

We don’t know why Firefox would make an accusation like that when the company is still struggling to compete. What do you think did Andreas Gal did it to make their Firefox OS look good?

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