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Social Media is not only used by people who want to get in touch with relatives and friends, but also by companies that are looking for an effective and direct way to engage with their target audience. Any business can benefit from the power of social media, which is why we see Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profiles for major brands, as well as small restaurants and cafes. Managing these communication channels efficiently can help a business to gain recognition and to increase sales.

However, handling different social media profiles and a large number of contacts can be overwhelming for small businesses. Well, thanks to SMhack, it doesn’t have to be. This leading social media marketing solution is designed to help social media managers to share great content across different profiles, keep customers engaged and even track your competitors. Everything can be managed from the same place, making things simple and ensuring that you reach the full potential of your social media presence. Here is more about SMhack.

What does SMhack offer?

SMhack focuses on providing high quality resources for small and medium businesses who need to manage multiple social media channels for marketing purposes. It is ideal for agencies that manage social media profiles on behalf of their clients. SMhack provides and organized environment for taking control over the content and conversations on social profiles. It offers the possibility of scheduling the content that is posted on the social profiles that you are managing. The content can be tracked from the social calendar and thanks to this feature, you will ensure that there is always something ready to be published to keep customers engaged. The tool is designed with simplicity in mind and it can be understood easily, not only by experienced social media managers, but also by the clients they are working for. SMhack features a convenient dashboard that lets you manage multiple social media profiles from the same place. Every post, mention, private or direct message is available under the same application.

Effective Teamwork

Another reason why SMhack is the perfect solution for Social Media agencies is the fact that it allows them to add team members and assign social profiles to them without hassle. You can delegate tasks and monitor how your team works to ensure that everything is covered. Thanks to SMhack the workload can be distributed effectively, improving productivity and you can even invite your clients so that they can also overview their own account. They also have an integration with the peer to peer communication platform Slack. This  allows everyone in the team to stay connected with their colleagues and get social updates. In addition, SMhack is the only option of its kind that doesn’t adjust its prices based on the number of users, which means everyone in your team can get involved. SMhack is a cost-effective solution for social media teams.

Keep track of the competition

Analytics is another core feature of SMhack as it provides detailed reports about your agency, your clients and the social profiles that you are managing. This allows you to follow up on the progress of the social media profiles you are in charge of. There is also a feature that allows you to keep track of your client’s competitors to develop an effective strategy to get ahead of them. SMhack gives you detailed reports about the competition that you can use to help your client to know the weaknesses of their rivals so that they can plan the best way to gain an advantage over them. SMhack’s tracking solution shows you how the competitor’s are gaining fans by analyzing patterns that will help you to discover their strategy. It is also possible to see how successful your rival’s posts are. You can find out how engaged their audience, how they target their posts and more, with the help of practical metrics.

Content library for all your social profiles

SMhack gives you the power to manage social media content in a smart, simple and organized way. You will be able to organize and manage publishing according to your needs, ensuring that your content is available at the right time. The Content library feature provides a broad database so that you can take control over the content for each social media profile. It offers a variety of publishing options that suit different requirements. You can keep a complete library for every social profile and manage its content by adding or removing categories, depending on your what you need. You can post content right away or schedule it to be published at the best time to reach users who are active. You can share similar content between different categories to boost engagement.


As previously mentioned, unlike other solutions available, SMhack doesn’t charge you a fee for every user. It offers support for an unlimited amount of users and it doesn’t hit you with extra charges for additional reports or larger profiles. The pricing structure is clear and there are 4 options available: Basic, Standard, Premium and Agency. All the plans offer the Content Library, SMhack Queue, Basic Analytics and Chrome Plugin. In order to get detailed analytics, unlimited monitoring for Keywords and Hashtags and tracking of competitors, you should consider at least the Standard plan.

The Premium and Agency plans are the most advanced options and include Google Analytics and team-orientated features. The prices vary according to the plan level and amount of social media profiles. For instance, the Agency Plan for 5 social media profiles costs $59 per month, while the same plan for up to 50 profiles costs $199 per month. If you need to manage over 50 social profiles, you can contact SMhack and they will help you to get a price and solution tailored to your needs.


SMhack has earned the trust of online marketing professionals and businesses around the world thanks to its advanced technology and ease of use. It offers a web-based version, as well as support for Windows and Mac. The great combination of features including competition tracking and analytics, make SMhack a comprehensive solution to manage social media profiles easily. SMhack gives you all the tools that will help your social media profiles to bring your business to the next level. SMhack makes social media truly enjoyable and simple. It is a highly recommended solution and you can try it for free for 14 days to discover its powerful performance.

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