New T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan costs $80 for 2 lines, 12GB of combined LTE

T-Mobile has been doing all it can to one-up the major carriers in the US, which would hint at its desire to take on giants AT&T and Verizon Wireless (though T-Mobile CEO John Legere has taken more than a few potshots at Sprint as well). The UNCarrier is now back with a new deal aimed at making it easier for families to transition over to a plan that will save more money each month.

T-Mobile’s latest deal brings a new Simple Choice plan to customers: for $80 a month, you can now have 2 lines with 6GB of LTE each. For a combined 12GB of LTE, you can have two phone lines and pay just $80 a month. T-Mobile doesn’t have a line access charge in the announcement, so we presume the $80 is for both the lines and the 12GB of combined LTE data.

T-Mobile compares its pricing to Verizon

The new T-Mobile Simple Choice plan does bring one caveat, though: you can’t share data. In other words, each line has access to only the 6GB of 4G LTE allotted for it. With Verizon, T-Mobile’s competitor in the latest campaign, you will pay $80 for 12GB of LTE data but you get to share it between two or more lines. With Verizon, you’ll pay $20 per phone line plus the $80 for 12GB of data, but $120 with the ability to share data is far better than $80 for 2 lines that can’t share data. You’ll have to own a good WiFi plan to have internet access on other devices such as a laptop, for example. T-Mobile’s latest deal is really only about mobile data, not data for all your devices.

T-Mobile continues to target Verizon, as it has done for the last year or two, but it’s getting somewhat old at this point. After all, say whatever it will, but Verizon has the greatest coverage nationally than T-Mobile does. T-Mobile is becoming competitive within city areas in the US, which will improve its bottom line, but its failure to expand into rural areas is the one thing holding the carrier down. You can’t blame customers for choosing Verizon when Verizon is the best they can do at the moment. Sadly, T-Mobile claims it wants to help but it continues to deny rural customers access to its money-saving data.


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