OnePlus answers questions with Reddit AMA session

OnePlus is now the proud company behind the newly announced OP3, with the company trading in the removable back cover for a metal unibody design while replacing the IPS LCD screen with a far superior AMOLED display. Sony cameras grace the front and back of the OnePlus 3, along with changes to its OxygenOS and more. OnePlus had also been known for its inexpensive X device, but the company said that the new OP3 is taking the company in a new direction where it will no longer try to compete with budget-friendly devices, but instead, take aim at the high-end market.

OnePlus has had a history of struggle, where the company hasn’t had enough models to meet demand and had to institute nothing short of a horrid invite system in order to drum up attention. Demand outstripped capacity, so the company had to bank on invites being tossed to and fro in the blogosphere to achieve anything close to good customer demand. The earlier devices did look cheap, not to mention their cameras weren’t all that great. To make matters worse, the company started using #2016flagshipkiller as something of the company’s defining marketing statement — which only made matters worse when its second-generation device was shown to lack Near Field Communication (NFC) for mobile payments.

Flash forward to this year, and OnePlus has had something of a change of path. The company has decided to eliminate the invite system, which is enough of a reason to rejoice apart from its other positive changes. Next, OnePlus has emerged as a company staying on top of the latest tech trends with its dabble into virtual reality. The company allowed customers to watch last year’s announcement in VR, but OnePlus allowed OP3 customers to actually purchase the handset in virtual reality earlier this week by way of the Loop VR headset et the OnePlus 3 launch app.

So, with the new phone announced, it’s understandable that the company wants to hear from the tech community. To this end, OnePlus has established a Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) that lets you ask questions pertaining to the company and its products (I wouldn’t suggest asking them “anything,” literally speaking). The company has already answered a ton of questions about itself and the new OP3, but feel free to toss in your own inquiries by heading to the source link below.


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