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Best Personal Assistant Apps for iPhone

Technology has advanced to such an extent that many devices that we thought that would only exist in a sci-fi movie, have become tools that we use every day. Take for instance, smart phones. Their incredible design and features have turned them into crucial solutions for communication, business and entertainment. The goal of modern devices is to make things simple for us and that purpose is achieved and exceeded when you use an iOS device along with Siri.

It is clear that in terms of innovation and convenience, Siri has taken the lead in the world of smart personal assistants. However, that doesn’t mean that there are not other options worth considering for your iPhone or iPad. Here you will find more convenient personal assistant apps that will help you to manage tasks effectively, no matter how busy you are.

EasilyDo Assistant

The aim of EasilyDo is to make things simple, ensuring that you can organize your tasks and make the most out of your time. This award-winning app doesn’t consume as much data as other apps available online. While the interface is not as intuitive as other solutions like Siri and Google Now, EasilyDo can help you to get things done. It provides reminders, notifies you about traffic conditions, alerts you about emails that you haven’t replied to and updates your calendar with meetings and other important events. The app can be downloaded for free but in order to get the ultimate personal assistance experience, you can upgrade to the Premium or Business editions.

Voice Assistant

Quanticapps offers a useful app that can help you to get weather information, find directions, complete Google searches and more. There are many practical features available and the language support is remarkable. You can search on YouTube and Google using your voice. It is quite easy to use once it has been set up and your voice can be turned into text that can be shared on different platforms including Facebook and Twitter. The way in which the app works ensures that you can take care of your tasks in a faster and more effective way. You can download it for $2.99.

24me Smart Personal Assistant

With 24me’s app, you can keep track of your tasks in one place so that you don’t miss anything important. Its advanced technology allows you to enhance productivity and to stay on top of all your commitments. It takes care of your tasks automatically, notifying you about anything that you need to keep in mind and helping you to manage your schedule effectively. You can rely on 24me to organize your notes, calendars, to-do list, events and more. It is simple and all it takes is the tap of a button to enjoy the convenience of a personal assistant that takes care of things for you. It is available for free.


While Evi is not a fully functional personal assistant, it can provide easy access to a wide selection of information. You can find anything including maps, locations, answers to general knowledge questions and more. While the app is focused on helping you to find information about different subjects such as movies, books, people and music. This free app by True Knowledge has an integrated browser so you can easily see links within the app. Evi supports voice and text input and it is ideal for finding different types of information fast. The interface is appealing and the extensive database ensures that you can get answers without hassle.

Speaktoit offers an app that allows you to find information, access online services and get answers to your questions easily. This smart assistant learns to recognize your favorite locations and services so you will be able to access these options faster and without hassle. The app offers suggestions based on your schedule, environment and preferences. can tell when you may need some guidance and it provides help proactively. The app supports multiple languages and provides a large selection of features aimed at making your life easier. It is available for free.

Google Now

Google has taken over many areas of technology thanks to its dedication to offer the latest features and the best experience for users. Google Now collects information from multiple Google applications including Search, Maps, Calendar, Gmail and YouTube and then it makes that data available to you whenever you need it. In many ways, Google Now is the equivalent to Siri and it does a great job at making information available at your fingertips. Google Now is integrated within Google Search and it is another great free solution to access and manage information effectively.

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