Quantic Dream Reveals New Title: Detroit

Quantic Dream is one of those developers that I always find myself giving a pass to. Ever since I stumbled on a copy of Indigo Prophecy for the PS2 in a bargain bin someplace I’ve really appreciated what David Cage and his team try to create. Whether or not they succeed is another topic entirely.

Five years after Indigo Prophecy (also known as Fahrenheit) they released Heavy Rain. This was another game I was truly looking forward to. Overall I did enjoy it, though the ending is absolutely terrible.

Two years ago the team released Beyond: Two Souls. I recently sat down with that one for the first time. I played it for an hour or so…and have yet to pick it up again. I likely will at some point, part of the problem is that these games can be quite immersive and if you don’t have the time for them they just get in the way.

But here we are with a new Quantic Dream title being announced and here I am feeling excited again. Detroit is an interesting title because it actually takes its inspiration from a tech demo, titled “Kara” that the company released following Heavy Rain. It’s about an android, named Kara who experiences something that appears to be, life. Detroit takes this one step further by putting Kara in the outside world. This a futuristic world where androids are commonplace but at least some humans hate or fear them, making Kara unpopular.

Quantic Dream’s games focus on their storytelling, with player interaction being limited primarily to quick time events. Still, they do interesting things with that story.

No release date was given for Detroit, so it’s very likely the game is still a ways off. Maybe this is the game Quantic has been trying to make for a decade. Maybe? Still, it’s pretty though.

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