Ways to quickly level up in online games

Online games often have huge worlds, which are conceived by developers and which are yet to be explored by ordinary players.

At the start of the game, you are quickly given to understand that at first everything will be simple, but perhaps not very interesting in terms of spectacular gameplay and battles, but in the future everything will begin to change after gaining levels and passing all new milestones of the hero’s development.

Let’s analyze the most common and affordable ways to speed up your pumping.

Order a boost

Not all players will like this idea, but this is an ideal option if you want to keep all your passion for the most interesting and difficult end-game content, which, in fact, will open the beginning of an interesting game for you.

All the most interesting raids and dungeons, PVP against other players and the best locations for PVE open exactly after reaching the maximum level for your game, and not before, as it might seem.

There is only one reason for this – the task of the developers is to teach you to understand their project and keep it on it for a long time, constantly delighting with additions and new mechanics.

To order a boost and not be deceived by unreliable performers, follow the link to the site – The best boosters and sellers for your game project have already been selected here, and you only need to sort them by price and order fulfillment speed.

Read reviews and keep your budget in mind to find the perfect performer from the list of suggestions.


You can learn how to play your character properly to increase your leveling efficiency, which will allow you to level up faster and squeeze out the maximum gold and resources at every stage of playing your character, whether it’s World of Warcraft or another project.

You can learn from in-game guidelines, which can be effective, but they are not flexible, and you will have to figure out most of the content and understanding of skills and equipment on your own.

The second option is training from a professional player with an explanation of the tactics and principles for choosing such a solution for the growth of the student’s analytical abilities and understanding of the current meta. This will allow you to be a professional even in the absence of a mentor nearby.

A full list of coaches, their prices and conditions are available on the Findcarry website in the coaching section. All popular projects are supported.


Most modern MMO RPGs do not deviate from the old canons and ideas and develop the player and his level according to the good old quest system.

This solution is convenient for developers because:

  1. They gradually teach the player more and more new mechanics in a playful way according to the principle of completing tasks from quests.
  1. Experience from quests is very predictable and is achieved by completing a limited number of actions, which is good for supports with low damage and slow leveling.
  1. The ability to earn gold and supplies through tasks and drops from monsters that need to be killed to complete it.

Pumping on monsters

There are projects that rely on simple leveling on monsters, in order to avoid routine gameplay, consisting more of assignments.

This solution also has its advantages:

Players are more social, because for high-quality pumping, you need both attacking characters and defensive and support characters, and thus there are no unnecessary players and classes.

A lot of players, which means a lack of monsters, which encourages gamers to fight for spots and sets the stage for PVP.

Stable pumping due to the presence of groups for gaining experience at any level.

Raids and dungeons

Almost all online games have the functionality of dungeons – these are temporary zones in which players come as part of a combat group to fight bosses of various levels of difficulty.

For killing such enemies, you will receive an increased amount of experience and valuable rewards – unique equipment and weapons that are almost impossible to get in any other way.

Raids and dungeons are divided according to their difficulty level, which changes the number of participants to enter, the requirements for equipment and weapons, but also makes the overall rewards more attractive, as well as the final experience for successful farming.

Of course, raids go first of all for trophies, but a good experience boost becomes just a nice addition, especially if you have a regular group to clear dungeons and raid zones of various difficulty levels.

General recommendations for leveling your character

Find a group or associates

Of course, when pumping together and with a large number of players, the experience gained from monsters will be divided by the number of participants and this is not entirely profitable, but with mathematical calculations this is far from the case.

You will kill more monsters in a minute of time, which will speed up your farm, provided that you kill more monsters together than alone, and when the group grows to several people, you can clear entire locations and qualify for fast pumping, in-game gold and a chance to get valuable trophies.

Look for experience boosters

They can often be divided into two types:

  • Jeux
  • Donate

Game – these are experience boosters that are embedded in the mechanics of the game, such as food, or rest.

Donate – these are all sorts of potions, cocktails, cookies and other peculiar items that can be bought in the store inside the game.

Grind if your character allows it

Grind is all about hunting for experience and loot, and if you can quickly kill enemies one at a time without spending a lot of resources, or gather them in small groups and take out AoE attacks, then your character is great for grinding.

Often attacking classes take support in their group in order to gain experience more safely and at the same time give another player a chance to grow, strengthening bonds and communications, which can then turn into friendship or help in raids. Good calipers are always in short supply.

Avoid PvP if you need leveling speed

Players of a certain mindset have an interesting feature – they can fight for one spot with another gamer, despite the fact that there are similar ones nearby.

If your goal is a battle, then there are no problems, but if you want to level up and another player pesters you, just go to the next spot and don’t waste your time on nonsense.

In battles, one of you will die, may call friends, or switch to a stronger character and other nuances, which pauses pumping and promises to lose interest rather than gain it.

This is not about cowardice, but about rationality and the correct use of resources and strengthening your hero with the right and useful methods, and PVP will not go anywhere on end-game content.

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