Samsung ready to launch its Tizen OS smartphone in India

Tizen OS is Samsung’s self-made OS that we have been hearing about for years now but the company has not showed any progress till now. A while ago we heard that Samsung was going to launch a Tizen smartphone in an affordable price range known as Samsung Z130H, which was said to launch at the end of December 2014. Now, South Korean Maeil Business Newspaper announced that Samsung will launch its first Tizen OS based smartphone on 10th of December in India.

Samsung is said to retail its first Tizen OS smartphone at $100 which sure is quiet low for a Samsung smartphone but considering the internal specs that the smartphone is equipped with the price is accurate. Samsung first Tizen OS smartphone is said to be equipped with a 4 inch display that will support a resolution of 480×800, Spreadtrum SoC clocked at 1.2GHz, 512MB of RAM, 3.2MP camera on the back while a VGA camera at the front, the smartphone will also have dual SIM slots and will also support 3G.

These low end specs shouldn’t be a problem for Tizen OS to run on as the OS is well optimized, enough to run on smartphone with outdated specs like these. The reason why Samsung chose India over Russia is still unknown as the company had plans to launch their Tizen smartphone in Russia first as it was a market that had potential for experimental smartphones like Tizen but maybe the company thought by launching an affordable smartphone in the low end market of India would do them good.

We have seen Tizen OS on wearable tech but have yet to see how it runs on a smartphone. The launch date is near for Samsung and soon we will find out what Samsung has been holding back for so long.

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