L'offre T-Mobile HTC 10 comprend un chargeur rapide et un étui Ice View gratuits, ainsi qu'une offre $85

UNCarrier T-Mobile is launching the HTC 10 on its network next week, but the carrier is doing so with a few freebies (as has become common with most smartphone manufacturers and carriers). With the HTC 10, buyers will get not only the phone (which is what they really want anyway) but also a free HTC rapid charger and the Taiwanese smartphone maker’s Ice View case. Here’s the carrier’s statement:

“Anyone that buys the HTC 10 at the Un-carrier can get an HTC Rapid Charger and an HTC Ice View case ($85 total value) for FREE when they purchase between May 18th and May 24th, while supplies last.”

The offer is only for 7 days, so you don’t need to wait on this deal and presume you’ll get the freebies indefinitely. Next, you should also know that you’ll pay $28.34 on an installment plan, or $680 outright, for the HTC 10 — which is a little more expensive than Verizon’s own offering ($624 retail, $26 a month for 24 months on an installment plan). Sprint is offering the HTC 10 for $26 per month for 24 months on an installment plan. AT&T is not selling the device, so AT&T customers will need to purchase the HTC 10 unlocked from HTC’s own website.

Les HTC 10 features a 5.2-inch, Quad HD display with a 2,560 x 1,440p screen resolution, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor,  and 32GB of storage with a microSD card slot for expandable storage, a 5MP front camera with OIS and an f/1.8 camera aperture, 12MP back camera with OIS and an f/1.8 camera aperture, IP53 splash resistance (no dust resistance), and a 3,000mAh battery with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. HTC decided to place OIS (optical image stabilization) on its front camera this year, a first in the smartphone market, while eliminating duplicate apps of its own (to connect its services with Google’s own apps for the same services). The company decided to further accentuate its chamfered edges all around the device, as opposed to the limited chamfering from years past in the “One” series. HTC dropped the “One” moniker from its handset this year and is simply calling the device the HTC 10 — nothing more.

The device will support T-Mobile’s VoLTE and WiFi Calling for those who make use of these features with T-Mo’s network, and HTC says that One M8 and One M9 users who never made use of their Uh-Oh Protection Plan will receive $100 off the retail price of the HTC 10. Despite its efforts, the HTC 10 has not done well in China with pre-orders, but perhaps the company’s sales will look a little brighter once the device lands with carriers worldwide.


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