The Best Apps for Students in 2022

Being a student takes a lot of work. Getting good grades is easier with these 10 apps to help you concentrate in class (online or in-person), be more productive, stop procrastinating and even save a little money.

Studying, no matter what time of year it is always costs. If you’re worried about your grades, it’s time to take action. In addition to attending class and studying harder than ever, you need something else: your smartphone.

In the age of COVID, having good Internet access has become more essential than ever. The web offers us not only entertainment (and hours and hours of procrastination) but also information and tools to study.

Any excuse is a good excuse to waste time when the only thing you should be doing is studying for that important exam. With the applications we present below, you will be able to get organized like never before and be more productive.

In addition to these apps for making lists, taking notes, being able to write my essays and saving plans, you will need a good notebook that allows you to take notes in class and work while traveling on public transportation, as well as other electronic devices that will make your student life more manageable.

Evernote (Android/iOS)

Evernote is the ideal app for those who want to have everything in one app: notepad, calendar, to-do and checklists, scanner, and you can even save what you find attractive online.

The app automatically synchronizes, so you can access everything you have stored there from your phone, tablet, or computer. You can download it for free, although it offers in-app purchases.

Google Drive (Android/iOS)

Most students are already aware of the benefits of Google Drive, which will only require you to have an email account associated with Gmail. This free cloud storage service will allow you to share all your documents with your friends.

Also accessible from your smartphone or tablet, with Google Drive, you can create text documents, slideshows, spreadsheets, etc. We especially like that you can access these files even without an Internet connection.

Coursera (Android/iOS)

Whether or not you’re a full-time student, you may also be interested in supplementing your knowledge with one of the online courses offered by Coursera, which feature professors from reputable universities around the world.

From this application, you will have access to the complete catalog of studies, and you will be able to track your process. Coursera makes it easy for you to pick up where you left off and contact your mentor and other students directly.

Citation Generator (Android/iOS)

All professors have a huge pet peeve about wanting their students’ papers to include citations. While it can be a somewhat annoying and cumbersome process, this hassle is over with Citation Generator.

For €3.99, this application will allow you to consult its extensive database of citations and references in APA format. It also includes examples of text citations extracted from magazines, newspapers, podcasts, radio, Wikipedia, YouTube, etc.

Fintonic (Android/iOS)

Most students know how hard it is to save money during college. Combining studies with a good job is complicated, and learning how to manage the little money you have can seem impossible.

Downloadable DLE (Android/iOS)

For a price of 9.99 € per download, you can have the Dictionary of the Spanish language of the RAE on your smartphone or tablet, which you will find very useful when you have to make, for example, a quick spelling query.

The application can be used without an Internet connection and has a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to spell a word. You can also search using criteria such as “Begins with…”, “Contains…” and “Ends in…”.

My Study Life (Android/iOS)

Another handy way to organize your homework is with this free app. My Study Life has a calendar where you can add your class schedules, due dates, and exam dates.

You can choose a color for each subject, which will make it much easier to identify what you have to do at all times. All the changes you make will be saved in the cloud so that you can access your information from any device.

Microsoft To-Do (Android/iOS)

Microsoft To-Do is an ideal app for group work, and it’s also completely free to use. You can create to-do lists and share them with other people in them. This way, everyone will know what they have to do at any given moment, and you will be able to follow their performance.

We also recommend using it in other contexts, such as the shopping list or the organization of a party. Like any student, you indeed have thousands of things on your mind, but maximizing your time will not be a problem with this application.

Be Focused (iOS)

Student life is hectic, and it’s not always easy to find time for everything: classes, extracurricular activities, and social life. Be Focused will also allow you to organize your day-to-day life and monitor your progress.

On the other hand, this free app allows you to concentrate while you are studying through its interval work function. You will be able to set a goal of intervals per day and determine their duration.

(OFFTIME) (Android/iOS)

If you’re worried about spending too much time using your smartphone, you can monitor this usage with the (OFFTIME) app, priced at €0.99 per download, and offers in-app purchases.

You will instantly know how much time you use your cell phone, and it will advise you to put it aside when it considers that you have made abusive use. This way, you will be able to enjoy your free time better and manage the hours you should spend studying.

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