7 Tips to Maximize the Use of Digital Signage

There are plenty of ways to use digital signs. People are being quite innovative with them. But, most small businesses cannot afford to get too creative. They need ways to maximize the use of their digital signs, so here are a few thoughts to get you started. 

1 – Use Your Online Adverts

You have probably created online adverts, and even if you haven’t, you have probably created promotional content for social media platforms like Facebook and Rumble. If so, put that same content on your digital signs to see how well it converts. Even if you only create short TikTok videos, you can run them on your digital signs between your other content.

2 – Turn The Darn Sound Off

Some people think that their digital signs need sound in order to make an impact. If you honestly believe this, then turn off the sound and give it a month. You will discover that sound on digital sounds actually puts people off. Even if the sound is only activated when people interact with the sign, there is something about it that rubs people up the wrong way (outside of theme parks anyway).

3 – Demonstrate Your Products and Services

You cannot show off your lawn mowers in store. People cannot see your garden BBQs in action, nor can they appreciate the power of your garden pumps. Show people what your products can do by using digital signs. Even small items like your precision-cut can openers can be demonstrated through digital signs.

4 – Schedule Your Content To Target Different People

You can schedule different pieces of content to show at different times by using programs like Kit Cast. The classic example is how you schedule your content to show elderly-people centric stuff in the morning, executive and middle-aged shopper stuff in the daytime, and then teen and kiddie stuff in the evening when the kids get out of school. This sort of targeting is pretty crude, but still effective with digital signs. 

5 – Experiment With Sign Location

There are times when location matters more than anything else. Experiment a little and find where your digital signs do the best. This may not seem like very impressive advice, but you will be surprised at what your experiments will turn up. For example, a company put digital signs outside its in-store toilets. You would think they may promote antibacterial stuff, or even toilet stuff, but they sold products you had to think about (financial products, vacation insurance, etc.) Turns out that while people were peeing, they were thinking about whatever they saw on the sign. If some of your adverts are “Thinkers” in that people need to think in order to absorb their messages, then put them on digital signs near the bathrooms or in waiting rooms where people have the opportunities to think.

6 – Eliminate Staff Hours

Think of all the times your staff waste time, and then use digital signs to fix that problem. For example, do you have somebody working your changing room and telling people when they may enter? Automate it with digital signs so people can see which are in use. Are you tired of people asking where they may validate their car parking tickets? Have a digital sign telling people where they may go, how it is done, and how much it may cost. 

7 – Communicate With Staff Members

Some businesses use digital signs to keep in touch with the staff. They inform them of the most recent KPIs, and they remind them of things like bank holidays and altered working hours. In the old days, a company would send around a staff email, but there is no guarantee your staff are going to read them. Yet, if you put a digital sign in the cafeteria, then people are going to read it and possibly discuss it too, which is never a bad thing.

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