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What is a DLL File and How to Open It?

Windows users probably at least once have encountered an error stating that some DLL file is missing. Also, probably, you would not know what DLL file is. Do not worry as through this article we shall help you define what DLL files are and what are things you should learn about them. 

DLL Files

DLL files is also known as Dynamic Link Library. It comes with a code that would carry out specific function for an app in your Windows operating system. It includes classes, variables, resources which could also include images, files, interfaces, icons, etc. In other words, DLL files comes with C or C++ programming languages. In fact, you could write your own DLL code. However, before you go into that, it is important for you to learn the basics first. 

DLL file comes with a .dll extension whenever you launch an app, your operating system creates links to the DLL file. This is needed for your app to run. 

What do DLL files Do?

DLL files has the ability to cater single and multiple apps. One of the tasks that DLL files could do is free space on hard drive and locate a specific directory. 

How Dynamic Linking Helps?

To easier understand DLL, we suggest that you think of static linking and compare it to dynamic linking. Static linking is part of a lot of operating system and all that are linked to it would require you have a code to run the program. This way the program or file will work and transform into executable file when statically linked. Dynamic linking on the other hand, provides generic functions for the app. It serves as a command or control center and it does not need a code. 

Opening a DLL File 

It is highly discouraged for you to mess around and with DLL files. Hence, we recommend for you to use a trusted software to open these types of files. We recommend Microsoft Disassembler and Microsoft Visual Studio. However, if you cannot file a DLL file, here is a step by step guide on how to view DLL files in your computer:

  • Go to Windows folder. You will find this in your program files folder
  • Go to System 32 folder
  • You will find multiple .dll files that is being used by your system

DLL File Error

If one of your .dll files is missing, you will be presented with an error message stating: “missing xyz.dll file.”

Downloading a DLL File 

You will be able to download your missing DLL files from trusted sources such as Then, add it to the appropriate directory. This will fix your DLL missing file error. 

Deleting a DLL File

It is difficult to know whether a DLL file is useful. Hence, if you are planning to delete a DLL file, we suggest for you not to go through with it. Deleting a DLL file could be very risky. 

DLL Hell

DLL Hell is often used by developers as there could be program installations or upgrades which results to mismatch between original files and existing DLL versions. When this happens, your apps could crash or would not launch. To overcome this situation, windows provided a Windows File Protect and protected DLLs. This means all of your existing DLL files will update only when Windows update becomes available. 

EXE files or DLL

In the tech world, EXE and DLL files are often compared. EXE files cannot launch a DLL file just by clicking on it. DLL files on the other hand have the same format but DLL files often has a .dll extension. 


Errors are difficult to deal with. However, there are numerous ways to solve them. One of the most common error is the DLL File error. This could be solved through the help of Windows Resource Protection tool or by reinstalling the app. Take in mind, it is highly discouraged to touch a DLL file as it is highly risky and dangerous. 

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