Why Combine Big Data and Cloud Computing

Many companies have already noticed the benefits of working with the Big Data system to implement technology solutions, in order to help them dealing with all the digital information they need to store and organize, streamlining accurate analysis and using all that generated intelligence to make strategic decisions.

However, precisely because of the speed that is sought to achieve with the use of big data, more and more organizations have realized how beneficial Cloud Computing can be. It ensures not only the increased availability of their digital data, but also with increased security.

So, the tendency here is, more and more, to associate the efficiency of Big Data to the speed and safety brought by Cloud Computing. In order to understand why, let’s analyze the subject with a bit more detail.

Larger structure

The relation that Big Data systems have with Cloud systems starts here. The cloud is the site for the storage of all information and, in order to organize, find, maintain and use that data more easily, it should be ensured that the available space will be able to hold and effectively keep all the company’s strategic data.

It is important to remember that private clouds, like what FortyCloud offers, have gained prominence. They allow companies to increase their cloud structure as required, according to the necessity of working with large amounts of data, which in turn optimizes the processes of Big Data.


Increased safety

By allowing a more centralized and flexible infrastructure, private Clouds join Big Data to keep up with the challenge of IT growth in companies, unifying and facilitating the whole process of organizing data. This is often still done in a  segmented manner, which takes time and makes for harder administration of the various platforms and systems, thereby increasing the chances of failures occur.

With this in mind, having specific Clouds to centralize, organize and protect data reduces these risks, including the security risks, because it facilitates the management of information in the data center, also preventing errors that may arise precisely from the difficulty to organize and classify all the data that is spread in different digital environments.

Improved results

The interaction between large sets of data to generate intelligence depends directly on effective speed of consultations, easy location of information and better organization of files, in order to speed up all processes involved. By the traditional methods, these processes would take much more time to be executed, and would perhaps be executed in a less effective manner.

Besides, the Cloud enables greater flexibility, which helps to integrate teams and speed up analysis. All this, together with the idea of Cloud Computing and Big Data removing all the complexity from the end users by providing them with rich experiences and simple software to operate, is making the administration of the two systems way les complicated, bringing easier ways for data management and manipulation.

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