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G2a is a go to shop of millions of gamers who are looking for any gaming related products. It is where gamers go online and shop for games, gift cards, software, steam keys and many more. Moreover, G2a is a very trusted site that offers huge discounts on games and games keys as well.

What is G2a?

G2a is a steam market where one could sell and buy products. The only difference of G2a from other steam markets is G2a is legal and is all rights reserved. If you are similar to eBay, G2a is quite similar to it where one could sell cheap quality products but if you know how to choose and pick the right products and check the seller’s reviews, G2a will be a great avenue or platform for you to enjoy great gaming experience.

Payment Methods

The easiest way to pay when shopping online is through credit and debit cards. However, one could never be overly cautious. To ensure safety and privacy when purchasing items online, it is recommended to check and research about the site you are dealing with. Ask the question – is the site legit and trusted? If so, then you do not have to worry at all.

As G2a is legal and at the same time one of the most trusted online shops, using your own credit cards and debit cards are 100% safe to use when purchasing and paying.

G2a Alternatives

Though G2a is highly recommended, there are other sites one could explore and check. This way, one could have more options and broaden one’s choices in cases when items are unavailable in G2a.

1. Kinguin

Known as the best G2a alternative site, Kinguin is very similar to G2a in terms of the products they offer. In this site, you will be able to purchase global games steam keys, platform keys and other gaming related items at a cheaper price, as they offer great discounts and savings. They are also legitimate and reliable site which means purchasing through this site is very safe.

2. SCDKey

A store that has everything about games, SCDKey is your go to gaming store. It has numerous games based on the region you are in at the same time offers globally. In this store you will find game platforms such as Xbox, Playstation, Steam and many more. If you encounter any problems, this site includes a chatting system where you could ask for help or ask queries.

As for its prices, this store runs on and is best for European users and gamers. They offer huge discounts on region-based keys and games itself. It is also one of the most secured sites, so you will not have to worry about paying online.

3. Gamersgate

This site offers amazing games and provides great discounts on some of their products and huge gaming franchises. If you are on a tight budget, this site sells cheap-priced games. Not only that, if you are a sucker for old classic games, Gamersgate is the perfect site for you.

4. DLGamer

Worried about legality and payment issues? DLGamer could ease your worries as it is one of the few sites that is legal and has a secured network. They also provide great customer service for those who will encounter any problems; and, just like other sites, they also offer discounts on selected products.

5. Gamesdeal

You will find a wide variety of games you could choose from in this site. Whether it is for Xbox, Nintendo or Plyastation, name it, they have it. Discounts offered in this site goes up to 70% that will be hard not to notice and to let go. Their site is secured so you will not have to worry when purchasing through credit cards.

6. has a user friendly interface that could be navigated easily by anyone and makes everybody’s shopping hassle free. This online store offers great deals on games depending on the type of gaming platform you have. Paying through their site is secured and has a wide range of payment options.

7. GreenManGaming

GreenManGaming is a great source for gaming related items. Whether you are looking for games for your Xbox, or Steam or Playstation, you will find it here. Moreover, they have wide reach through servicing more than 190 countries.

Discounted items could be found on this site and paying is not a problem as it is a secured site.

8. Gamesplanet

Gamesplanet is where one goes for games for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Their site offers huge collection of games you could choose from. They offer sales from time to time so, if you wish to find good offers, visit their site and start shopping.

9. GOG

GOG is a site where you could find your desired games easily because they organize their games through categories and ratings. They also offer large discounts and their site is secured.

10. GamesRocket

GamesRocket is one of the most trusted sites where you could purchase games at an affordable and reasonable price. Furthermore, if you want to buy a new console, GamesRocket sells them too.

Aside from discounts, they are flexible in terms of mode of payment you will use for your purchases. Thus, purchasing in their site is very convenient and easy.

11. Direct2Drive

If you are looking for big discounts for popular and new games, Direct2Drive would be the online shop to go. Moreover, security and privacy will not be an issue in their site as it is considered as one of the most trustworthy sites.

12. OnePlay

One thing that makes OnePlay one of the most trusted sites is its membership feature. For its customers to avail extra discounts, they will have to sign up for membership and once you are a VIP member, you will be able to buy cheaper priced games.

OnePlay offers numerous types of games for different platforms. Thus, if you are looking for games for your Android, Windows OS and Mac devices, this is where you should go.

The only disadvantage of this site is sometimes, their games get out of stock.

13. Mmoga

Mmoga provides a wide range of gaming related items like G2a. They offer gift cards, gaming currency, weapons and skins. They, unlike other online gaming stores, however, do not offer huge discounts for their products.


Gamivo is one of the sites that offers high discounts and new popular games. Furthermore, they are one of the most trusted sites which could be proven by its four-star rating.

Aside from games, they have other gaming related items that you will find in their store and making payments for your purchases will never be a problem as they accept many different paying options.

15. Instant-Gaming

Instant-Gaming has a huge collection of games for Steam, Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation which you could choose from. The prices are affordable for most gamers and often offers sales, but since they often go on sale, stocks run out fast. So, we recommend to check this site often for great deals.


Each and every site featured in this article are the best sites for purchasing games and other gaming related items. Depending on your need and taste, you could explore each and every site until you find your niche. For example, if you are huge on secured and trustworthy site, it is highly recommended to purchase in Kinguin or If you are looking for big discounts, then, Gamivo is the site to go to, and so on so forth.

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