Amazon updates its Fire TV series including support for USB storage

Amazon said that it will soon release software updating for its Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV stick which will add a number of new features to the Fire TV and Fire TV stick. Amazon also announced that both devices will now be available in UK, Germany and Austria starting from April 15.

The new software update for both Fire TV and Fire TV stick will bring a series of new features that will add support for expandable USB storage and wireless Bluetooth headphones connectivity on the Fire TV. Additionally, it will also allow the users of Amazon Fire TV to watch content via Wi-Fi which will require authentication on both devices.

The ability to watch content over Wi-Fi will make both Amazon devices the first ever devices to offer this feature. This feature will be of great benefit for places like hotels, restaurants, motels and college hostels etc.

Previously, users posted their feedback about the Amazon Fire TV device that they cannot use it privately. Now that the Bluetooth headphone support is coming in the future update, it looks like Amazon finally addressed the issue and people can now watch their favorite shows, movies or even play games without creating disturbance.

Besides these big features, the new software update adds new things to the Amazon Fire TV. Users can browse and search Prime Music playlists from both Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. There is also a new hidden PIN entry system introduced which allow users to enter the secret code for purchasing without worrying about others to see your code on the screen.

Amazon hasn’t announced the delivery date or time for the arrival of the new software update but the company has said that it will arrive in the coming weeks.

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