Android N Preview shows new Clear All Recents Menu option

Many a diehard Nexus or vanilla Android fan has always viewed Google’s take on Android, including the upcoming Android N, as the most unadulterated, the least corrupted of all Android OEMs in the market. The company advertises and promotes its own software, adding nothing to it. Google doesn’t have too successful of a track record with carriers, particularly in the US, which is why the company ultimately launched its own Project Fi carrier. As a result, Google doesn’t have to weigh down the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X with what some call “carrier bloatware.”

Nexus fans like having the freedom to use as much of their storage as possible in order to download Google Play Store apps that they use the most. They don’t want to have 600MB of carrier or manufacturer-installed apps from say, Samsung, if they already have favorite apps that do the same things that they desire to use more. This is why so many Android users push Samsung to make their extra software available within the company’s Galaxy Apps store without pre-installing the software onto its Galaxy S and Note devices.

Well, it may seem bold to say this, but vanilla Android isn’t as intuitive as some believe it to be, particularly when it comes to the recents menu/task manager within Android. Even on the Nexus 5, for example, you still can’t clear all apps or recent tasks at once; instead, you have to clear them, one at a time. It may not seem exhausting to some, but it is when you can pick up a Samsung Galaxy device, press “remove all,” and watch them instantaneously disappear.

Well, Google is working on bringing more intuitiveness to Android N by way of a “clear all” option within the recents menu. Now, you’ll get the same effect with Android’s recents menu that Samsung’s users have been enjoying for some time.

Android N will bring not only Samsung’s approach to clear all recent apps, but also Samsung’s long-cherished multi-window mode to Android (what many are calling split-screen mode) that will let users multitask without switching back and forth between apps in the recents menu. At least Android N will take care of two problems Samsung fans have had with Google and its Nexus devices.

Android N recents menu clear all option


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