Best Apps like Musically

Musically is a popular companion and is the most used tool by short clips creators. Unfortunately, Musically was sold to a Chinese social media company- Toutiao. Though Toutiao has promise to keep the app’s original services, its loyal users are a bit unsure whether it will stay the same and with it, looking for alternatives seems to be a great option. Here are a few apps that are similar to Musically which you could check as options and alternatives:

1. Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a very popular social media app and actually comes with functions that are similar to Musically’s. Once you’ve tried Tik Tok, we could assure you will feel nostalgic and will see the similarities. In addition to that, Tik Tok has an artificial intelligence feature which captures images which provides more productive and amazing experience.

Its lip-syncing video function comes with full blown editing features wherein you will be able to choose effects you would like to include in your video while synching your video with music of your choice. Moreover, prior to creating your video, you will be allowed to browse through different video clips made by other users to provide you more inspiration.

2. Flipagram

An online application, Flipagram offers music, image and video sharing through social networking platform. Though initially it is more similar to Instagram, it has improved and added more functions such as video editing and lip-syncing. It offers editing tools, filters, effects and many more. It also comes with a library of songs which could make your video more interesting. Thus, it could convert your simple selfie video into an amazing video.

3. Dubsmash

When looking for an alternative for Musically, Dubsmash could never not be on the list. It has been four years since Dubsmash had been launched and it has been one of the favorite apps by most people since then. It allows its users to make short videos and lip sync together with your chosen music or audio recording and even soundbites from movies. In addition to that, you could share your created video clipped through stories like Snapchat.

4. Funimate

The next on the list is Funimate. It is similar to Musically and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Its features and interface are very similar to Musically which we could assure you will enjoy this app as much as you had with Musically. The video editing features comes with amazing capabilities which assures your video will look great once done.

5. Cheez

Cheez is the youngest and newest app in this list. Though it is new, it could compare with the veterans in this list and it is a must try. Aside from it being a good alternative for Musically, this app also tends to replace Vine, a video sharing host.

Cheez’s main goal is to entertain all its users through funny short clips and through this app, you will be able to record your own clip and use it as a video. You could also use pre-saved recordings and edit them into one video. It also has a recording feature which allows you to record and video yourself at the same time you do your lip-syncing.


Above are top applications which you could use as alternatives and options for Musically. They are compatible with iPhone and Android devices which means, you could replicate, re-do and create your own lip-sync videos without any limitations. Each and every tool mentioned has their own functions and come with different features. Thus, we highly suggest to check all applications and see which one fits your needs and taste.

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