Arkham Knight PC Patch Appears To Work But Is Pulled Down By WB

When Batman: Arkham Knight was released in June it received raves from console gamers but a chorus of screams on PC. The PC version of the game was full of bugs, freezes and frame rate issues. The problems were so bad that Warner Brothers made the eventual decision to pull the game from Steam entirely. It looks like the Arkham Knighmare may be over soon, but not quite yet.

Yesterday a patch for the game went live on Steam but was pulled down rather quickly. Apparently WB isn’t quite ready to send the patch out to the general public yet. The good news is that when the patch does go live, it may actually take care of all the games problems in one shot.

Beta testers who are working with the patch have been posting to Steam’s message board and the patch is being near universally praised. The 600+MB patch was downloaded by several people before it was taken down and while some are still reporting difficulties, most people are reporting drastic improvements over the games previous problems.

Since there do still appear to be some issues it may be that the patch is truly not ready for prime time. It’s very possible, even likely, that the patch fixes issues on certain hardware, but not others at this point. The number of possible configurations is extensive. In addition, once the patch is ready one assumes WB will also put the game itself back on the storefront. That process may also take some time.

WB had previously stated that a patch was expected in September so they have nearly a month to get the patch polished up and still make good. We’re hoping players will be able to enjoy an otherwise fantastic game later this month.

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