Best Apps for Making Memes

Memes are posts that are usually enjoyed by many. However, creating it is a different story. Hence, in this article, we have decided to put up a list of the best apps which you could use in creating memes and they are the following:

1. Meme Factory

Meme Factory is an amazing app for creating your own memes. It is easy to use and comes with a step by step instructions on how to create your meme. It offers different templates like Philosoraptor, Man in the World and many more. It also lets you adjust and add text, font size and fitting them on your meme as you please. It also has thumbs up and down which you could use to rate the system.

2. Imgur MemeGen

Imgur MemeGen is one of the go-to app for the latest memes. It allows its users to create and share their memes. It comes with about 135,000 templates and allows you to add your own text and even save your work. It also allows you to share your meme to your favorite social media.

3. Meme Maker

This app is one of the best due to its uniqueness. It allows its users to use their stored pictures on their iPhone. It also lets its users personalize their memes through captions. Moreover, you could also share your creation to your social media. in this app you will be able to create cute meme through their amazing layouts and designs.

4. Memedroid

Memedroid is perfect meme app for Android users. It is a popular tool for meme lovers as it comes with useful set of features which will help you create amazing memes. It is designed to view and create memes and lets its users add comments and even rate other creations. It has templates you could use and allows you to use your own photo in case you do not wish to use any of their templates.

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