Best Emoji Apps for iOS

Emojis have confirmed that an image is worth a thousand words. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine sending texts without including at least emoji and some people send messages that include nothing but emojis and stickers. There are even positions created based around emojis and some companies have posted job ads looking for emoji translators. In addition, an animated movie that focuses on emojis was recently released and while it has received very poor reviews, it shows how important emojis have become in popular culture. They help us to express all kinds of emotions and everyday, new options are launched. They add fun to your messages and chats and make virtual interactions less cold. In order to get the best emojis and make your conversations more entertaining, you can take a look at the apps in our list.


Keymoji from Literati Labs is fantastic apps for emoji fans as it includes an extensive collection of emojis, as well as features that will make your communications really unique. The app gathers great emojis from a variety of sources and new options are added on a regular basis. It even translates the words you type into emojis in real time, allowing the community of users to benefit from having unique emojis. If you are unsure about the meaning of an emoji, the app can also help you to find out so you can become an emoji expert in no time. At the moment, it is only available for iOS.


If you often send the same Emoji phrase and need to easily find the right emoji for every occasion, you will love Emojiyo. It allows you to search for the perfect emoji without hassle and you can save often used Emoji phrases as combos. With Emojiyo by Chappy, it is possible to add color to your Emoji keyboard and you can choose from a great selection of themes including Purp, Camo and Bubble Gum. Apart from allowing you to search for emojis by name, to mark them as favorite and save emoji combinations, Emojiyo lets you get a lot of unique Emoji packs and add your own style to them. You can easily organize your emojis and the app supports Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter, Facebook and much more.

Emoji Free

Emoji Free brings you a vast collection of emojis so you will never run out of options when sending texts or posting online. Created by JinminZhou, Emoji Free is a remarkable app for iOS that will suit anyone who loves to use emojis on their conversations. As the name suggests, the app is available for free and it comes with a great variety of emojis including animated ones. There is also emoji art available, which is when different pictures made out of multiple emojis are combined. With Emoji Free, you can also enjoy a superb collection of cool emoji fonts that can be used to enhance your text messages.


Have you ever wondered what would your face look like on someone else’s face? Face swapping apps offer that possibility, but with Bitmoji by Bitstrips. you can also create an emoji with the result. This app allows you to create unique emojis and stickers that can be shared with your friends through messages. It allows you to create amusing cartoon avatars and you can get options from a vast library of your own emojis. Bitmoji can be used in popular third-party apps like Snapchat. Since it lets you come up with your own ideas to create your personal emojis, it is worth a try.

Emoji Keyboard Pro

Emoji Keyboard Pro offers a complete keyboard that comes with thousands of emojis that will make you stand out from the crowd. With this free app by Kika Keyboard, you can customize the entire keyboard to ensure that it meets your specific needs. There is an extensive selection of emojis available and you can use them on a wide variety of third-party apps including Viber, Kik and WhatsApp. You can also look for the most commonly used GIFs and share them with friends and family. It is even possible to create your own GIFs without leaving the app. The emoji prediction capabilities, as well as the emoji dictionary are other features that make this app a great choice.

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is more than just an app that contains a library of emojis, it offers an intuitive keyboard that will revolutionize your texting. SwiftKey comes preloaded with hundreds of emojis that can be used whenever you need to send a message. It is one of the best solutions, not just when it comes to emojis, but for your typing needs in general. Its predictive capabilities make things really simple when you are composing texts, emails, posts on social media and more. The selection of some of your favorite emojis, along with the fact that it suggests emojis while you are typing, will help you to send text faster with the right emotions for every situation.

Emoji Type

Update: Emoji Type was acquired by SwiftKey

Sometimes what takes us longer when we are trying to find a message is to find the perfect emoji for that specific case. You may have to browse through a large selection of images until you find the right one, which can be annoying and time consuming. This is a problem that Emoji Type resolves easily as it features a custom keyboard for your iPhone that displays the emoji that you are looking for, as you type. The app will suggest emojis related to the words or phrases that you type, allowing you to find the best option without hassle. It supports popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

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