Best free photo editing software

After taking a picture, we have the possibility of enhancing it or fixing small flaws with the help of editing tools. You don’t need to be a professional photographer or spend a lot of money because there are free applications that are very easy to use and that support the necessary features to edit your photos, even if you are not connected to the internet. The tools that we have included in this list deserve to be considered because they combine simplicity, good performance and useful features.


PhotoWorks is a great choice for both fixing common picture flaws and altering images with creative flair. It’s an intuitive photo editor that doesn’t require any skills or experience, so you can start tweaking images right after installing the lightweight software on your PC. So what features does it offer? With PhotoWorks, you can easily change the background, remove unwanted objects, smooth the skin, fix colors, sharpen photos, and even edit hundreds of pictures at once. You’ll also find over 200 filters to stylize your images in an instant. And best of all, the program supports RAW and other popular file formats like JPEG and PNG.


This is one of the most popular photo editing software available nowadays. Its simple interface is one of the reasons to choose PicMonkey over other solutions available. There are four main sections available: Design, Collage, Editing and Touch Up. It is possible to upload images from your computer or get them from your Facebook account and other sources. PicMonkey supports basic editing functions and it also comes with a variety of themes. Regardless of your level of experience, you will be able to use PicMonkey without issues because it is easy to use. It features fantastic filters and effects.


Pixlr was created by 123RF and thanks to its great selection of features, it will help you to make your photos what you want them to be. You can resize and rotate the images and there are different pre-configured dimensions to select from, when you are creating collages. You can also adjust the flexible image resizing options available. Pixlr is easy to install and it has a user-friendly interface. You can easily complete changes and adjust your photos in only a few steps. The free version supports a good range of options, but in order to get advanced features like masking and influence panel, you will need to upgrade to the Pro version.


Paint.NET is a lightweight and efficient solution that should not be confused with the default Paint tool available in Windows. It can edit your images effortlessly and it offers a great balance between ease of use and advanced functionality. Although it may not be as comprehensive as professional premium software, it does support more options than basic applications. Its performance is remarkable and it includes special effects that will allow you to enhance a photograph within a few steps. You will be able to correct flaws and ensure that your photos look their best.


GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and it is an open-source project that supports photo editing without hassle. The interface can be easily customized to suit your preferences and you can retouch photos with just one click. There is also a great selection of GIMP Plugins and the application can handle a wide variety of formats. GIMP can deliver advanced performance and it is an ideal solution for Linux users. The active community ensures that you always find help when needed and the fact that GIMP is an open source solution means that it can be independent audited.


This comprehensive online photo editor allows you to make changes on your images and it can also be used to create collages. Its interface is incredibly easy to use and it supports a broad range of tasks. The photos can be uploaded from your computer, from Facebook, Dropbox, or you can take a photo using your webcam. Apart from allowing basic editing, BeFunky lets you add effects, touch up images, add graphics and more. In the user-interface, you can easily select the option you want and apply the effects in a matter of seconds. There are many graphics to choose from so you can add a special touch to your images.


PhotoScape is a practical solution with a very simple interface that offers all the essential features needed to improve your photos. You can use it to view images and to create slideshows. It supports batch editing and it also comes with and Animated GIG creator and a RAW converter. All the functions available can be easily accessed and thanks to the straightforward interface, you will be able to complete editing tasks in a matter of minutes. PhotoScape opts for minimalism and may seem limited when compared to other options, but it is a reliable tool to view or edit your images.


With Fotor you can edit a photo, create a collage or design a card. You just need to upload the file and make your selection. Thanks to the 1-tap interface, you will be able to edit images with just a single tap. You can rotate, re-size, crop and fine-tune images and there is also an effects section available. There you can find options like Lens Flare, Vintage and Classic. While Fotor doesn’t offer the fast performance that you can get with solutions like PicMonkey, it gives you a lot of flexibility. You can complete a variety of tasks from the same place.


Picasa is supported by Google’s technology, which makes it a reliable tool to manage and view your photos. Although Picasa doesn’t offer much in the photo editing area, it works well as an image viewer. Besides, it offers an extensive selection of amazing effects that can be applied to your images with a single click. Options like cinemascope and blur effect are available and the most recent version of Picasa supports Google Plus integration so you can tag your friends and share images.

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