Best Free Photo to PDF Apps

Photos are one of the most essential things in our daily lives. Pictures are taken to save and preserve memories which allows us to go back to and relive them. But, for some, photos or pictures are used for convenience and making work easier. As a matter of fact, I for one would use my phone to snap a picture of an important document for work. Though having a very clear camera helps, it would be more efficient and convenient also to have an app that could and would covert your photo to PDF. With that said, here are the top five free photo to PDF apps:

1. PDFelement

PDFelement is one amazing app that could easily convert your images to PDF format. All you have to do is to snap a photo or select a picture from your phone’s gallery and click on convert to PDF.

This app could not only convert your pictures but it could also help and aid you in reading your document. It also helps you annotate and edit different PDF documents. In addition to that, PDFelement could also convert your PDF file into Excel, Word, Powerpoint and other formats such as text, HTML, RTF, XML, pages, ePub and many more. Aside from that, it also allows you to share your documents through cloud.

2. Scanbot

You do not have to go to the office or a computer shop just to scan an important document. Through Scanbot, all you need to do is to scan your document through the use of your phone’s camera.

Aside from being able to scan, this app also allows its users to crop, edit your document by customizing the color, contrast and brightness. It also does automatic tagging and provides you good top quality OCR.

3. ScannerPro

Created by Readdle, ScannerPro is considered as one of the best apps that could scan and save digital version of documents. Through this app you could scan any document which you could save in a multi-paged file. This app could also detect borders and could correct any distorted images. In addition to that, you will also be allowed to share, upload and email your scanned documents to your colleagues and friends. It also could use OCR to convert the texts of your document.

ScannerPro comes with an affordable price of $3.99.

4. Evernote Scannable

Through the use of Evernote Scannable app, you will be able to automatically and instantly scan any receipts, business cards, documents, sketches and many more. It allows its users to save a multi-page document and lets you file and organize your document in your Evernote account. In addition to that, you will also be able to crop and edit your file by being able to remove backgrounds and being able to enhance the texts of your document.

5. Microsoft Office Lensi

Microsoft Office Lens in a simple scanner which you could use on your iPhone. It is very efficient and reliable and allows its users to scan PDF and other files. Through this app, you will be able to save your scanned documents on OneNote and OneDrive. In addition to that, this app also allows you to edit your image, document or photo.

Final Words and Recommendations:

When you need to scan documents but unfortunately you do not have access to a scanner, fret not, as there are now apps that would and could help you scan any image or document by just taking a photo through the use of your phone. In addition to that, through these apps, you will also be able to edit your “scanned documents” and email or share them to your friends or colleagues through your phone or tablet.

With numerous scanning apps out there, we highly and definitely recommend PDFelement. This software comes with amazing user interface and is very easy to use as well. Aside from that, it supports numerous output formats such as DOCX, DOC, XLSX, XLS, PPTX AND PPT, HTML and many more. It could also compress large files, merge PDF files, edit your file by cropping, annotating, redact, rotate pages and even apply watermarks. In addition to that, this software could encrypt PDF files and allows its users to protect their file through the use of a password.

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