Best GPS Apps for iOS

If you need to drive a lot due to work or simply love to enjoy the adventure of a road trip, a GPS app is a must-have. With the help of this technology, you will be able to get to your destination or explore new places without hassle. A GPS app can guide you and save you time so that you can avoid getting late to an appointment or enjoy your trip more. The majority of apps are available for free and they include free map updates, live traffic and other practical features. In this list, we present the best options available for iPhone and iPad.

Apple Maps

This built-in solution for iOS offers a good solution for simple navigation needs. It has been recently improved adding great new features that will help you to directions and get to your destination without issues. Apple Maps lets you send directions from your Mac to your iOS device to prepare your commute. It supports other apps and you can get directions and coordinates from them and enter the information into Apple Maps for Mac to see where are you going. Then you can forward these directions to your iPhone. Apple Maps is still basic when compared to other options, but it is a good starting point.

Google Maps

There may be other competitors and even Apple has its own maps application, but Google Maps is still the leading option when it comes to getting directions to your destination. With this app, you will be able to find your way in any location. Google Maps provides clear directions and allows you to explore new areas easily. It is possible to download a specific area you want to explore and access the map offline. Google Maps provides driving, biking and walking directions, as well as public transport options. It also gives you voice guided turn by turn navigation. You can also get information about nearby restaurants and other businesses.


Telenav has developed a fantastic app that allows you to plan your route and ensure that you can avoid any issues that may arise. What sets apart Scout from other similar apps is that it allows you to communicate and share your estimated arrival time with the people who are waiting for you. This makes Scout a very practical solution for arranging meetings and coordinating routes with others. It gives you the possibility of staying in touch with others via voice chat and messaging so that they know your location while you are on the go. This helps you to get guidance when needed. Scout also offers turn-by-turn directions and it gives you the possibility of customizing the route easily.


Waze brings a fantastic combination of maps, GPS navigation and traffic updates from an extensive community of users. You cant get useful information about roads, best routes and more from other people who contribute to make Waze one of the best solutions for drivers. When you download the app, you get access to real-traffic information shared by others including updates on road closures, which helps you to save time and find alternative routes whenever needed. With Waze you also get notifications about your estimated time of arrival. This free app also supports Facebook integration and its smart functionality can keep track of your preferred routes, frequent destinations and more.


Sygic gives you the chance to download free maps form over 100 countries and they can be used offline. The app offers free map updates, as well as route planning guidance. It is possible to buy any route map through in-app purchases and the maps are supported by TomTom, a leader in the field. Sygic alos offers voice guides directions and speed limit warnings. Sygic is a reliable way to reach your destination and it lets you get access to updated information so that you can plan your route effectively and get detailed information while you are trying to get to your destination.


CoPilot by ALK technologies focuses on offering drivers straightforward directions, as well as offline maps that are reliable and all the information needed to plan a trip successfully. Millions of drivers use CoPilot to take advantage of its advanced features and the smart routing that helps you to navigate without issues. CoPilot gives you 7 days of voice-guides navigation, as well as ActiveTraffic for free. Once this trial period expires, you can get premium navigation features through in-app purchases. The free features include route planning and maps that can be accessed even if you don’t have an internet connection. It is a practical solution to navigate areas where internet access is not available.


MapQuest by AOL is another solution that lets you plan a trip efficiently by giving you aaccess to detailed information regarding roads, services and amenities on your route. MapQuest is supported by OpenStreetmap and it provides information that is truly useful for your trip. You can easily find hotels, parks, restaurants, bars and gas stations. MapQuest gives you traffic information and its gas price comparison feature will come very handy during your trip. You can enter your address to find out which gas station close to you offers the best prices. MapQuest is free and it also offers voice guided navigation and Auto-Reroute.

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