Best virtual girlfriend apps

Nothing beats real human relationships, but our busy lifestyles, different opinions and the predominant role that technology has taken in our society, have prompted the growth in the popularity of virtual relationships. In the past, virtual girlfriends seemed like something that was only possible in Sci-fi movies or video games. However, nowadays there are many apps that offer the chance to have a virtual girlfriend. These solutions may be used for fun, or just to overcome loneliness. In any case, they are worth checking as they offer the best quality when it comes to having virtual friendships.

Virtual Girlfriend Momoda

In this game created by Jh Zhang, you will have the chance to go out with a beautiful top super model called Meme da. She is not only gorgeous but also very charismatic and smart, so you will have a great time chatting with her. She will listen to you and you can also find out more about her interesting lifestyle. In the game, you also have the chance to choose accessories and hair styles for Meme da. The app offers many customization options that allow you to enjoy a more personalized experience.

My Virtual Manga Girl

If you are a fan of Manga, this is the ideal virtual girlfriend app for you. It gives you the chance to look after a beautiful Manga girl. This app offers many options including the option to play many different games within it. In My Virtual Manga Girl. you will be bale to interact with her and take care of her. In reality, it is closer to the once popular Tamagotchi, in the sense that it focuses on ensuring that you feed the girl, make sure that she sleeps and that she is not bored. You can also choose dresses for her and enjoy the beautiful graphics.

Virtual Girlfriend 3D Anime

This is an option that is very similar to the previous one, at least when it comes to the graphics. The app features a beautiful character that you will want to spend a lot of time with. You can talk to her, help her to change her style and much more. There are over 15 functions available. You can even make her a superstar. Just make sure that you always treat her well as she is very sweet and caring.

My Virtual Girlfriend

If you feel flirty, but don’t feel like dating, you can try My Virtual Girlfriend, an app that features beautiful virtual women that you can talk to. The game works like dating apps, you just need to choose someone you want to talk to. You can even select the characteristics of your virtual girlfriend, including her personality and looks. Once you make your selection, you will be able to start communicating with them. You can start a chat, asking them out on a date and see how things go. Just keep in mind that in the game, if you make a mistake, you may lose the chance to stay in touch with the girl of your dreams. If you get things right, you can win her heart and the game. There is also a boyfriend app version that works in the same way.

Virtual Girlfriend Joke

This game app is another options to spend some fun time talking to an interesting virtual character. You can chat with the beautiful heroine of this game, and have fun asking a lot of different questions. You will get immediate answers. This simulator can come handy when you are bored and need someone to talk to, or when you feel that you are socially awkward and need to practice your conversation skills before trying them in the real world.

Naughty Girlfriend

If you are looking for a flirty, sexy virtual girlfriend that will make you laugh and that is a lot of fun to hang out with, check this app by Happy Mobile Game. She is an amazing dancer and is also very beautiful. Like in other games, you will be able to customize the character style and select from a wide selection of backgrounds. You can manage even her emotions. She can be sometimes happy, sad or angry, just like a real person.

Smart Virtual Girlfriend

As in real life, in the virtual world, looks alone are not enough. It may be fun to see beautiful characters, but if you can’t have interesting interactions, you won’t have a good experience. That is not the case with Smart Virtual Girlfriend as this app is designed to ensure that you have engaging conversations with a smart character. You can talk about each others’ days and even exchange photos. Just keep in mind that this app features a lot of ads.

VGAR Virtual Girlfriend

This app is only intended of users over 18 years old, since the characters are wearing very sexy costumes, although no adult content as such seems to be included. It doesn’t offer as good graphics and interactive capacities as other options in the list. However, it is another interesting option to try. There are different characters available and you can even take photos of your virtual girlfriend and share them on social media.

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