Best WiFi SD Cards and Adapters

No matter if you are a photographer or a content creator or a graphic designer, being able to quickly transfer your files in a secure place is very important. The good news is with the use of WiFi SD cards, data transfer is now possible.

What is a WiFi SD Card?

A WiFi SD card, though may seem like a normal, standard SD card, is actually different in terms of its additional feature of having its own WiFi router. Through this feature, it allows your laptop or smartphone to connect to your SD card and access its data wirelessly.

Through a WiFi SD card and adapter, you could bridge files and data to many different platforms and different operating systems. If you are looking for a good and suitable WiFi SD card, you came to the right place as through this article, we shall provide a list of the best WiFi SD cards.

When choosing a WiFi SD card, you must consider a lot of things. Here are just some important factors you must check in order to ensure you get the right SD card that would best suit your needs.

  • Price and value – choose one that would justify its price and value.
  • Reliable – get one that are reliable in terms of wireless data transfers.
  • Storage – select one that could store huge size of files.
  • Transfer speed – you would not want to wait all day just for your data to be transferred.

Best WiFi SD Cards and Adapters

Toshiba FlashAir


  • SDHC Type
  • Compatible with cameras, 3D printers, computers, WiFi and SD devices
  • 16GB Capacity
  • Could connect up to 7 tablets and smartphones
  • Easy to change SSID password to access photo sharing

The Toshiba FlashAir 16GB WiFi SD cards is a great option due to its reliability and fast transfer speeds. It has wide range and could accommodate up to 7 devices. This means, if you are looking into sharing data with multiple people, this WiFi SD card is a perfect option.

The Toshiba FlashAir comes with an Apple and Android app which allows you to adjust the settings and permissions of your WiFi SD card. If you are in an event, this SD card is a perfect partner. It is also perfect for 3D printing.


  • Connect up to 7 devices during photo sharing
  • UHS class transfer speeds
  • Has Apple and Android app to control
  • Easy change SSID settings


  • Masraflı
  • 16GB capacity

Zyyini TF to SD Card WiFi Adapter


  • Supports MP4, AVI, MOV video formats
  • Supports image shooting and viewing JPG, PNG, BMP
  • Inclusive WiFi compatibility
  • Accommodates SDHC or TF cards

When it comes to flexibility, the WiFi SD card adapter by Zyyini is your best bet. It has the ability to accommodate a TF or SD card. You could apply WiFi password, put it on AP mode and even on station mode switching and SSID.

Through the Zyyini could preview and transfer files from one device to another. Though this one is not as impressive as the Toshiba FlashAir, it could still handle up to three devices simultaneously. It is compatible with Apple and Android as well. This WiFi SD card adapter is best used for close range.


  • Affordable price
  • Dayanıklı
  • Accepts whatever size SDHC or TF card
  • Apple and Android compatible
  • Simple to use
  • Supports sharing multiple photo and video formats


  • It is not compatible with certain DSLR cameras

Canon WiFi SD Card Adapter W-E1


  • Strictly for Canon EOS DSLR cameras
  • WiFi capability for easy transfer
  • Could provide computers with remote shooting functionality

Canon WiFi SD Card Adapter W-Ei is designed for bridging wireless connection and transferring of photos to laptops, tablets and smartphones. It is simple to use and to configure. It has fast transfer speeds and is only compatible with Canon EOS DSLR cameras.


  • Easy integration
  • Solid construction and weather proofed exterior
  • Could connect with computer for remote shooting
  • Fits any SD card
  • Simple setting changes
  • Great price


  • Compatible with certain products
  • Works with few Canon DSLR cameras

Factors in Choosing the Best WiFi SD Card or Adapter

  • Price – ensure you are getting the value out of the product you are getting.
  • Compatibility – before buying a WiFI SD card or adapter, you must ensure that it is compatible with the devices that you will be using
  • Specific workflow – where will you use your WiFi SD card with. Ensure that you check the card’s features.

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