How Mobile Education Apps Improve Education System

Smartphones and tablets enter our everyday life more and more intensively. With them, we watch movies, make documents, play, and, of course, study. Today, along with the educational and essay writing service Affordable Papers, we will try to guess how mobile applications affect and improve education. 

How Mobile Applications Improve the General Concept of Studying

First of all, mobile applications have transformed the general concept of education. It becomes more compact, definite, and interactive. In the mobile sphere, the information must be given by small parts, maximally correspond with the current situation, and be interactive. The habits of users change correspondingly. They want education to be simple, effective, and entertaining. There are more effects of mobile application laid upon knowledge:

  1. Now, it is possible to use every suitable moment for education. You have got a free minute, or the situation is ideal for learning – you can open an app and study something quickly. The training has evolved from a complex activity to an easy-going habit. 
  2. Secondly, education has gone from specialized territories – schools, universities, or courses. One mobile device with the Internet connection has replaced a ton of textbooks and dictionaries, a notebook, a pen, and a set of color pencils. Now, a user can forget about wasting time to get to the university, making notes, and rewriting. 
  3. The experts and writers claim that mobile applications “have made education affordable for everyone. Old-fashioned study groups and classes could hold a limited number of students. Now, everyone has an option to learn everything.” Indeed, mobile educational applications let you forget about attending specific universities or rare courses. 
  4. Mobile applications have improved teaching, as well. Now, it is easier to give the information, develop and conduct new educational experiments, acquire results, feedback, and statistical data for providing the personal approach to students and raising the quality of education consequently.
  5. The quality and outcome of the educational promotion depend on the current applications and the goals a student has to fulfill. 

Kinds of Educational Mobile Applications

Classification of mobile applications is a complicated and unrewarding job. New apps appear every day, and old ones get new functions and options. With the assistance of experts, we tried to classify the most popular applications according to their functions:

Language applications. It seems that language studies are the most suitable for the mobile application sphere. Now, there are tons of different training and theoretical applications that can cover almost every aspect of language learning. You can find mobile tutors (LinguaLeo, DuoLingo), dictionaries (ABBYY Lingvo), translators (Google Translate), podcasts with audiobooks and audio exercises, messengers and services for communication with foreigners, etc. language learning implies developing a habit. It is the main reason for the effectiveness and popularity of different language applications. The combination of audio, vocal, and visual images makes learning swifter and more interactive.

  • Correcting applications, according to our interlocutors, are very important for students. They face thousands of problems within the essay writing every day. A big number of these problems can be solved by the newest applications. For instance, an application called Grammarly can remove the majority of spelling and grammar mistakes in the English language. It is easy to use. Its option of style diversification makes it possible to correct all academic papers. Also, experts highlight the importance of the style of the text. A simple and freeware application Hemingway App checks the word choice and readability of the text. Experts assume that these two apps can make the life of the academic writers much easier.
  • Scheduling apps have become an obligatory part of every phone software. They have destroyed the concept of classical organizers. Such applications as іStudiez or Todo help with task planning and time management. Everyone who forgets about homework and other duties should install one of these applications. An application called Trello has optimized the work inside studying groups. With it, managing a project and studying together is easier. No one will miss his task, and a team can work together, without wasting much time. 
  • Tutoring applications. Many services that conduct tutoring have launched their apps. Among the most famous, we can name Codecademy or Khan Academy. They have made distant learning more affordable for people. 

What is Waiting for Us in the Future?

Our experts are sure that now we have made only the first step on the path of changing the educational system. “Soon, everything concerning education will move to our phones — the ways of acquiring information transform along with the tasks and homework. Mobile applications transform traditional boring education into an interactive platform, where a student recognizes a goal and sees the final result. It is inevitable, but not scary.” 

The situation with education now is different from what was ten years before. Start letting mobile applications control your education to notice a lot of benefits. Adapt now to be on the top in the future.

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